Snapshots of an almost-spring outfit

I know, I know… It’s only February. Spring is still far away, and I shouldn’t speak about it already, because it’ll make us miss the warmer season even more. BUT…why is it so warm then already? If the sun is shining, I can even leave the house only with a jumper! So, I just decided that I’ll write about my almost-spring outfit. (firstly because, as I said, it’s too early to say that it’s spring already, and secondly, then I still leave the opportunity to write a spring outfit post!;))

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Let’s talk: Spread kindness

Hello everyone,

Lately a lot of things happened in the world, and sometimes I feel like that only the negative happenings, they get all the attention, all the space in the news. Every time I read anything in the newspaper or if I watch it on TV, it makes me feel so disappointed and sad, because I, personally don’t like the way things are going right now at all. So, as I sat there, a little depressed, I thought about what I can do, to somehow help.  It seems impossible to help at all, to be able to change anything, since I’m just a young girl.

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3 Seasonal Granola Toppings

Hello everyone!

I don’t know about you, but I personally love, and need, a good breakfast! If it’s easy and quick to make, even better. So, granola is my go to and favorite breakfast throughout the week. There are loads of different options in the shops, and you can even make your own granola at home. But still, with the time, it can get a bit boring. What I like to do then, is to top it up a bit! So here we go, here are some great seasonal granola toppings!

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