January Book Club

Hello everyone!

It’s the end of the month, and I decided that since I’m a passionate reader, I really want to introduce a new series onto this blog. I’m starting today with my very first book club! I love to read and to write about great books, so I simply chose a book that I liked this month.

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Small bag essentials

I’m one of those persons who stuffs their bags as full as possible, mostly with things I don’t even need. I just tend to grab whatever I might need in whatever situation, because I like to know that I’ve got everything, really everything. But this means, that I usually carry a big and heavy bag around with me all day. To avoid this, I’ve been using a lot more small bags recently. Obviously, I can’t fit as much in there as I used to before, so I cut down the amount of stuff I normally would take with me. This led me to this post. Here are my small bag essentials, that I always take with me!

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A little stroll

Hello everyone!

Lately I’ve been on a stroll through the forest just after snow had fallen, a true winter wonderland! Knowing that I’ll have to make a ton of pictures, because every little branch would fascinate me, I took a camera with me and started snapping without shame everything and anything that came under my eyes! So I came home, having lots of snowy futtage on my camera and I decided to pick the best ones!

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Planning life

Hello everyone!

Today I just wanted to give you a little insight to my thoughts, so I simply wrote down what came trough my mind.

We live in an interesting time.

A time with social media, with connections all over the world, with a plan fixed in front of our eyes.

Those current connections with everyone, let us see how to live a life and how to success in it. They show you one way you’ve got to go, to get to your destination.

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