out n’ about

Hello world!

So here it is, my Blog. My very own blog, ready to be read, to be filled with words and thoughts. This is it and it’s finally online! That makes me so unbelievably happy! If you could see me right now, you’d probably see me jumping around of joy like a little child. This is my blog, it’s called “out n’ about” and now I’ll introduce myself:


My name is Elena. I’ve always been a passionate writer. I think, I started to write as soon as I could. Obviously, my writing at that time wasn’t very good, but at least I wrote. I had the craziest ideas for stories, my fantasy wouldn’t ever fade. Then a time came where I stopped writing, I don’t know why actually. I guess I just found other things to do, to discover, to find out… However, I discovered, now that I grew older, quite a few of great blogs, which I’ excited to read every week. And an idea came into my mind: Why not coming back to writing again, why not creating my very own blog? This idea wouldn’t leave me, so I started to write again, about everything and anything. And I love it, I truly do. I made the decision to start my blog at the first of January 2017, because I thought there’s no better date to start something new, is there? And now, today, it’s the day and I’m pressing the button “publish”. The fact that I the blog, that I worked on since the last half year, goes finally online, is so freaking exciting, that I can’t stop grinning like an idiot!

So, as I mentioned already, you’ll find everything and anything on this blog. Maybe I’ll inspire you, maybe I’ll encourage you to grab your pen as well, maybe we’ll have discussions about what I write and what you think, and, most importantly, maybe I’ll make you smile.

I’m out n’ about…




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