A fresh start in 2017

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and I wish you a wonderful new year! We’ll all smash it, I can feel that! In this post, I’ll tell how I want to start 2017 (it’s so unusual to write this number!). I have a few tips how to get a positive mind setting for a fresh new start. Let’s go:

I personally love the beginning of a new year, simply because it gives me the opportunity to really write down your goals and wishes (and hopefully stick to them). Obviously, you can write down your new goals every day of the year, but the fact that it’s a new year, makes it feel more serious, doesn’t it? I thought about writing down my goals for the next year, but I came to the decision, that it’s far more interesting to write about, how you can stick to whatever you wrote onto your list. My answer to that: you need to feel good, to be motivated. Mostly people give up their goals because they lost the ambition to follow their new idea. Why do we lose ambition? Because we’re annoyed, bored, frustrated, angry… there are many reasons. BUT we can do things against this lack of motivation. Here are my five top tips how to stay calm, ambitious and, most important joyful!

  1. Be realistic:

People use to make a huge list of a million an one goals to manage in the new year, because their in a flow. It’s just not realistic. You can’t (unless you are super talented obviously) make so much changes n your daily life at once, not to mention, keeping them all in mind. So if you realize, that it’s a bit to much to do, keep only the most important goals of your list and strike the rest through without shame. Don’t let you put down by that, better you stick a few goals very well, then trying to manage a lot very badly.


  1. Get some fresh air:

I’m definitely not the first praising walks to get your mind free, and I won’t be the last. But I couldn’t help writing it down, because it’s so true. Walking outside, gives you a calm mind. You think reasonably about everything that bothers you, you come to an opinion, you find yourself fully relaxed and able to achieve whatever you want to. getfreshairbild

  1. Take a break:

Again, that’s a known one. And an important one. Take a break regularly. It’s also an important time for you to leave the stress behind you, even if it’s only for 5 minutes. Make your breaks something special, something you’re looking forward to. I, for example, use to make myself a huge cup of cappuccino and I sit down for a while. After that I’ m ready to start or finish whatever I have to do. I’m not going to lie; the cappuccino is one of highlights of the day.


  1. Accept your failures:

I’m sorry to tell you that, but failures are part of life, no matter how good you are. Better just accept them, instead of breaking down at them. Maybe keep in mind this quote:


  1. Patience is the key:

I say it again. We’re just human, who want to make every thing as fast, as easy, as cheap as possible. We want it to work instantly. That’s, from my experience anyway, pretty impossible. Patience is the most important thing you can possibly have in situations where you start something new. It usually takes a bit longer, then you planned, it’ s more complicated than you thought. And that’s alright, as long as you don’t give it up. Just go step for step. At some point, you’ll look back and you’ll see how much you’ve already done.  Believe me, the feeling pf pride, that overcomes you, when you did it, makes every needed patience, every courage, and all the frustration you had to go through worth it.


Make yourself proud. We can do that!

I hope you enjoyed this post and you’re all feeling ready for 2017!

I’m out n’ about…





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