The first snow

Hello everyone!

This is quite a random post, but I thought it could be a nice one!

Yesterday it started to snow! It actually, finally started to snow! I was incredibly lucky to just be out and about, as the snowflakes started to finely fall down. I really wasn’t expecting that! Since last year it was such a warm winter and it actually wasn’t winter at all, I hoped so much that this year, it would be cold one and we would be given a little amount of snow. But november came, and left us without snow, december did just the same. To be honest, I was very near at giving up my optimism , but I’ m very pleased to tell you that this isn’t the case anymore.

Obviously I couldn’t help trying to catch a few shots oft he first snow, and I thought I’ d share them on my blog! The camera was coverd with snowflakes as well which added a few extra white dots onto the pictures, but to be honest, I prefer tem like that!



Hope seeing more snow soon!

I’m out n’ about,




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