Planning life

Hello everyone!

Today I just wanted to give you a little insight to my thoughts, so I simply wrote down what came trough my mind.

We live in an interesting time.

A time with social media, with connections all over the world, with a plan fixed in front of our eyes.

Those current connections with everyone, let us see how to live a life and how to success in it. They show you one way you’ve got to go, to get to your destination.

But is that really the right way?

Recently, I realized that I already know, how I want to manage my work beside hobbies and meeting friends, how I want to study, basically how my life is going to look in twenty years. And I’m not even finished with school yet.

I know a lot of people, who picture their life as a big plan, just as I do. We have all different expectations to our life, different perspectives. But we have a plan that we want to make happen.

And we’re still so young!

Shouldn’t life be about luck, coincidence, adventures, about happiness found at the most unbelievable places. You don’t find those things if you plan to much.

If I think about it, I feel ridiculous. I imagine how it’d be to have no plans, no duties, no worries about the future at all.

I can’t.

In fact, I really like to plan my life. And it is important to know what you want. But do I really have to know how I’m going to make that happen already? Shouldn’t I wait for the moment, I get the chance to make this decision properly, at the time I actually need to do it? I’m not sure. I only know this way one way of thinking…

And that kinda scares me.

Because perfect plans are made to perfectly fail.

But our live at this time is so fast paced, that I feel like planning my future is the only thing keeping me up with it. That’s sad. I think it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’d like to just live and see, wait what’s coming. Not to desperately try and stick to a certain way, I once decided to go. I’d love to have sideways, shortcuts, to other places, other ways. Or do I have them already, but I don’t find them? Am I too fixed already, to see all the other doors open? I hope not. I hope I’ll find gaps, I hope I’ll find a new way, one without fixations, without plans that enclose me.

I think we all need to choose a way at one point in our life. But that doesn’t have to be the only one we’re walking.

I’m going to try and to let come what’s coming. If I don’t like what’s coming, I’ll avoid it, if I do, though, I’ll embrace it with a smile and I’ll be excited for the next unexpected opportunity.

How about you? I’d love to know  🙂


I’m out and about,

Elena  ❤



  1. Wonderful post ❤ ❤ I think it is great to plan things out, but also leave room to do things in the moment 🙂 🙂 Sometimes its the things that you don't plan that make the most wonderful memories, and can lead to great things. I wish you a great, happy, and successful year this 2017 dear x x

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