Hello everyone!

So, actually, I was writing on a different post, but suddenly I realized, that I wasn’t feeling happy with it. I sat there, searching the right words, changing pictures and it simply didn’t feel good. The pictures looked crap, my writing was rubbish and it didn’t feel like me.

So I stopped.

I started writing this instead.

So. I started this blog only a few days ago ( it feels like much longer to me, though  ❤ ) and I love it! I genuinely do. I’m so happy that I created out n’ about. It’s the thing that keeps me motivated during the day, it’s what I think about in boring schoollessons, it’s what I’m planning every evening whilst I’m trying to sleep.

I was well aware of the risk, that at some point, I’d get doubts about what I write, about what I publish. But I wasn’t expecting them to come today. Not yet.

But, I guess, probably it’s just good to have them now already, because now I know for sure that I take blogging serious.

The thing is, I was unhappy with my post, because  tried to reach a level with my blog that I simply can’t reach. I looked up to all those wonderful, professional blogs and I tried to do it like them.

But I can’t.

I can’t do it like them. Not only because I don’t have their material, but mainly, because I don’t have their experience. I realized that I have to grow with my blog. I have to grow and approve with every post I publish, every photo I take, every single word I write.

And that’s fine.

That’s good.

I have to start little, unexperienced, not quite sure yet, where everything’ll lead me. But I’m growing step by step.

As everyone did.

As everyone still does.

If I take this journey, I need to accept the fact that it’s a learning-by-doing. One day, maybe, I’ll reach the point where I want to be. But for now, I am pleased with a perfect imperfect content . It doesn’t matter if it isn’t professional, because I’ m not. This blog reflects me right now, not someone that I want to be.

The most important thing for me, is, to be totally honest. I don’t want this to be fake, I don’t want this to be something unreal. I want to look at every single post thinking: ”Yep, that’s me who wrote this. That’s totally me and I like it!” If I’d start publishing stuff only to publish anything, I could stop blogging straightaway.

But I don’t.

I didn’t and I wont.

Instead, I’m publishing an original, raw, elena-ish content. And that feels good, that feels right. That makes me happy! Because I stay true to myself and I listened to my inner instinct. I’m going to press the “publish”-button with a big smile on my face! And I hope you’re going to read this with a smile too! (or maybe a grin 😉 )

I’ m out and about…

Elena ❤



  1. Hey! You’re not alone i started this summer and sometimes get intimidated and my last post…i wasnt feelin it tbh😂 and just discovered the influence my audience has in me…scary ik right but you’ll pull through.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Its nice to know that I’m not the only one starting out. Sometimes it just feels like everyone is head of me in life. I cant wait for this journey though, it will be unique and interesting! X

        Liked by 1 person

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