A little stroll

Hello everyone!

Lately I’ve been on a stroll through the forest just after snow had fallen, a true winter wonderland! Knowing that I’ll have to make a ton of pictures, because every little branch would fascinate me, I took a camera with me and started snapping without shame everything and anything that came under my eyes! So I came home, having lots of snowy futtage on my camera and I decided to pick the best ones!



It was a gloomy day, the sky was nearly as white as the snow, which is visible in the lighting of the pictures. I left them like that, they’re prety much raw material, because I think it looks honest and pure just like that. I don’t mind the missing sunlight, and I hope you won’t too.



The snow was crunching under my feets, a sound that is truly unique don’t you think? I was absolutely happy just walking, looking up and down, discovering there and here something beautiful. I’m such a I-love-a-little-stroll-person, I want to go back so badly writing this right now!





The air was crisp and the atmosphere was cosy at the same time. Snow can make a whole city quieter, let alone a forest, so I think you can imagine quite well how calming it was. Walks like these give me the chance to fully relax, to think or to have interesting conversations and when I come home my mind is clear.





I think this year’s winter was a wonderful one. I know it isn’t quite over yet (In fact, it’s freezing outside) but meanwhile I also feel ready for the start of spring. I feel like I got my portion of winter for now. If it would getting warmer now, I would embrasse it. Do you know what I mean? The amount of snow we had was just right to dive into the winter spirit and I feel like this post brings it to a nice ending for me.


I’m out and about…




    1. Thank you so much! If you like your photos, then post them! THe internet is so big, of course there are going to be people who won’t like your photos, but I’m sure far more are going to enjoy them! ❤


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