Small bag essentials

I’m one of those persons who stuffs their bags as full as possible, mostly with things I don’t even need. I just tend to grab whatever I might need in whatever situation, because I like to know that I’ve got everything, really everything. But this means, that I usually carry a big and heavy bag around with me all day. To avoid this, I’ve been using a lot more small bags recently. Obviously, I can’t fit as much in there as I used to before, so I cut down the amount of stuff I normally would take with me. This led me to this post. Here are my small bag essentials, that I always take with me!

The first item in my bag has to be for me, my lip balm. Now that it’s still so cold and windy outside, my lips dry out so fast. Without my lip balm, I don’t know what they’d look like…

Labello pure & natural MILK & HONEY

Following to that, I also always have a hand cream with me. This one is probably the smallest I ever saw. Same as my lips, my hands are, despite gloves, suffering under the cold weather. So, if you’re looking for any fitting hand moisturizer, this one is definitely a good choice!

caring hand balm, Ginkgo’s secret

I’m coming to a few beauty products. If I go out somewhere, I like to put a little makeup on my face. I’m not a makeup-guru, even mascara isn’t included in my every morning routine. So, whenever I want to look a little better for an event, I’ll have my mascara in my bag with me. This one from Clinique is classic and competent and of course, small. It’s easy to apply I consider it as my go to mascara.


Clinique, high impact mascara

And of course, there’s got be a little cheeky lipstick. This colour is simply beautiful. It suits me, it goes with pretty much every outfit. I use it a lot. Even on “normal” days, simply whenever I fancy a bit of colour o my lips. It’s definitely my favourite lipstick at the moment!


Essence, long lasting 06

The next item is a perfume. It’s a lovely, lighthearted smell. YOu can wear it easily all day, or just for an evening. I feel like you can’t really go wrong with it. I think the packaging looks incrediibly cute. Plus, it fits in my hand twice!


Rituals, perfume


So, these are my essentials. If you have any other ones, please tell me, I’d like to know!


I’m out and about…






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