3 Seasonal Granola Toppings

Hello everyone!

I don’t know about you, but I personally love, and need, a good breakfast! If it’s easy and quick to make, even better. So, granola is my go to and favorite breakfast throughout the week. There are loads of different options in the shops, and you can even make your own granola at home. But still, with the time, it can get a bit boring. What I like to do then, is to top it up a bit! So here we go, here are some great seasonal granola toppings!

  1. Dried fruits:

Since it’s winter, I feel like sometimes the fruits aren’t the freshest in the shops. So, I tend to rather grab a packet of dried fruits, instead of a half ripe strawberry. And I absolutely love to have it in my muesli! Here I chose dates, figs and raisins.


  1. Nuts:

I love all kind of nuts, to be honest. As a snack or as a topping, for anything, really. But for granola, I think it just fits perfectly. You can choose whatever nut you like, obviously, but I just mixed up all I could find in my cupboard. In here are peanuts, walnuts, pistachios, coconut and macadamia.


  1. Apple with cinnamon:

So, as I mentioned before, there isn’t as much fruity choice in winter, but apple is one of the remaining seasonal fruits. I simply love the combination of apple and cinnamon, so I have to put it into my granola bowl too.



So, there are loads of other great toppings, but those are my favorite seasonal ones. I like to eat either all of them on their own with granola or I put them all together, which makes quite a fancy breakfast bowl don’t you think?



I’m out and about…





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