Let’s talk: Spread kindness

Hello everyone,

Lately a lot of things happened in the world, and sometimes I feel like that only the negative happenings, they get all the attention, all the space in the news. Every time I read anything in the newspaper or if I watch it on TV, it makes me feel so disappointed and sad, because I, personally don’t like the way things are going right now at all. So, as I sat there, a little depressed, I thought about what I can do, to somehow help.  It seems impossible to help at all, to be able to change anything, since I’m just a young girl.

But I can talk about it and spread kindness.

A lot of problems start there where people start to feel bad about themselves, where people don’t find happiness anymore in their lives. I am very lucky to say, that in my country, I can live a healthy and wonderful life. But even if the country itself isn’t having a hard time, that doesn’t mean that nobody does. I think, that if you’re kind, understanding and helpful to everybody you know, you can make sure, that at least you, aren’t making the situation worse. I am a strong believer that the little things can make great change. And the little things I’m talking about, doesn’t cost you anything. It’s so easy.  You can smile at people, you can say hello more often, you can get into a nice conversation, and you can be patient and simply be more kind.

Spread kindness, because it’ll make a lot of people’s life a little brighter and yours as well. Spread kindness, because that is what you can do.

What are your thoughts? Let’s talk about it!

I’m out and about,





  1. Wow, this may seem like a simple post, but the words seem to convey a powerful message (at least to me 😛 ). And I hope we, everyone, can get together and change the world with little simple acts of kindness, just the way we want it to be.

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  2. What a simple, lovely and genuine post! Yes, the simple acts of kindness do make a difference. Also remember we don’t always see things exactly as they are – there’s a difference between perception and reality.

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  3. It’s a wonderful post Elena. Kindness is so important and it is really sad that most people happen to overlook simple acts of kindness. I understand some times people are so caught up with navigating through their own rough seas, it becomes difficult to pay attention to others. But, your post reminds me of how we should all consciously make an effort, even if a tiny one for starters.
    After all, kindness always begets kindness and this world definitely needs more of those rays.

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  4. Love this! Kindness costs nothing but it has the power to lift someone’s mood in an instant.

    Being kind and gentle to the people surrounding us, giving each other warmth reassures all of us that the world is not a bad place.

    Like you said a smile a kind word, Commenting on social media in a positive way it all adds up.
    We humans are not bad. We just need to get back to remembering who we are. Peace ✌️ hoping you have an awesome day!

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