Snapshots of an almost-spring outfit

I know, I know… It’s only February. Spring is still far away, and I shouldn’t speak about it already, because it’ll make us miss the warmer season even more. BUT…why is it so warm then already? If the sun is shining, I can even leave the house only with a jumper! So, I just decided that I’ll write about my almost-spring outfit. (firstly because, as I said, it’s too early to say that it’s spring already, and secondly, then I still leave the opportunity to write a spring outfit post!;))

I also just want to quickly mention, that my outfit posts, are always going to include pieces that I bought recently as well as older ones, that might not be in shops anymore. I’ll always link the brands website, so you can simply have a look there! Rather see my outfit post as an inspiration than as a haul!

So here we go!

I wore:

  • Mom’s fit jeans (it comes with the small belt – Zara
  • A T-shirt with a pastel yellow magnifique written on it – H&M
  • Bright turquoise converse all stars – Converse
  • A jacket with a red and blue flower print – Uniqlo
  • My glasses – Diesel












    1. Thank you so much! Autumn is actually my favorite season too, but at the moment I’m really loving the beginning of spring! Maybe you can visit a place where spring is starting soon?


  1. Obviously this post is about the outfit (which is super cute btw) but I’m over her like absolutely adoring your hairrrrrr….ITS LIKE SO PRETTYYYY

    Liked by 1 person

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