How to have a good night sleep

Hello everybody!

I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one, who sometimes has a bit difficulties to fall asleep. But recently I figured out a few tips and tricks how to calm your mind and body, so that you can sleep in peace. So, I thought I’d dedicate a blogpost to it.

Develop an evening routine

It’s good to have a certain routine you can go through every night. What exactly you do, is completely up to you, but I think it’s just good and also calming to have an evening routine. Try to make it to something nice instead of something awful that you need to do at the very end of the day. Maybe listen to some music, maybe light a candle, and use your favorite products. Whatever you do, just make it more enjoyable. Perhaps you will even look forward to it?

Plan the next day

When I try to sleep, I often think about a million and one things that I need to remember for the next day, the next week, things I need to tell someone, answers I have to give… and so on. To avoid this kind of brain work when I actually just want to finally fall asleep, I like to write a big to-do-list for the next day and to prepare all the stuff I need to take with me. With a good feeling, I then can go to bed and calm down before I got to sleep.

Drink a cup of tea

If you’re sitting in your bed, cuddled up in your blanket, there’s nothing better than to have a good old cup of tea. I mostly drink a peppermint tea, because I just love it, but you it really doesn’t matter what tea you choose, as long as it doesn’t wake you up.

Read a book

Instead of watching the latest videos on YouTube or an episode of your favorite series, choose a good book that you like to read. The screens only will wake you up even more, which is the contrary of what you want. Reading really calms your mind, you forget a bit everything around you. You just sit there, lost in another world while sipping your tea. Sounds pretty perfect to me!


When you then decide that you want to turn off all the lights, and close your eyes, meditate. I know that this might sound difficult and to abstract for some of you. And it did for me too, until I realized that meditation isn’t anything less than simply focusing onto nothing but your mind. I often get very distracted by a lot of useless thoughts when I try to sleep, my mind is far too awake to calm down. So, what I then like to do, is to concentrate on the sound of my breathing and only think about beautiful things. I meditate. And slowly you’ll be very tired and very ready for a great good night sleep!

If you do have any further advice, please let me know! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and maybe you can try one of my little tips!

I’m out and about,




  1. Planning the next day is the greatest tip I can give to people too it just relieves me from all the stress of remembering everything I need to do the next day and not being afraid I’ll miss out on something during the day! I loved this post, can relate so well!

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  2. omg just the post I needed!!!! 😀 thank you for the advice – I honestly have so much trouble getting to sleep, and I definitely prefer natural methods to taking sleeping-pills! and I completely agree about meditation – its definitely something I have found useful 🙂 loved this post 🙂 ❤ xx

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  3. I think it’s really important to not be on your phone or any technology an hour before you sleep. Although, I always break this rule, but there are times when I have gone overboard and cannot sleep because of it. Journaling/day-planning definitely helps and I would also recommend meditation/yoga too 🙂

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