Recently I liked – 001

Hello everyone!

Today’s little post is short but fun ( well, I hope 😉 ). It’s a kind of series that I want to start, a sort of favorite blogpost, but it’s featuring different and more  random bits that I liked recently. So, let’s just start straightaway!

Listening to:

Be like you – Ed Sheeran

Way down we go – Kaleo

City of stars – Ryan Gosling from La La Land



Niomi Smart (You Tube)

La La Land

James Bond



My black ankle boots

My mom’s fit jeans

My watch from Certina Ds Podium



Lots of great blogs





Avocado sandwich

Starbucks creamy caramel Latte

Cashew nuts


I hope you enjoyed flipping through these random things, and please let me know what you liked recently!

I’m out and about,




  1. I love La la Land so so much! Everything about it is just amazing. I also love watching Niomi. I am so happy she’s vlogging more this year because her vlogs are one of my favorites. Lovely post! Excited to follow you series.

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