February Book Club

Hello everyone!

Today I’m back with my next book club! I’m so excited, I loved the last one, and you did quite enjoy it too, so let’s do this!


by James Frey


ENDGAME is probably the complete opposite of Fangirl, but I loved so much that I had to share it! I also think that it is actually interesting to write about different types of books, so I hope you don’t mind this switch from daily-girl-life-book to melodramatic-almost-apocalypse-kind-of-book!

The cover really made me curious (you probably ahve seen ot on the cover, I read it in german), the blurb sounded interesting and before I knew I was reading it already! This book is a page-turner, believe me! If you like a good mix of fantasy/science fiction and the right portion of love story, then this is the book for you!


12 gamer, 12 meteorites. That’s the start of Endgame. Now it’s time to play the game, until the end.

Win or lose.

Live or die.

It’s that simple, it’s Endgame.

The 12 players have to find three keys to win the game, the game that is going to change the world forever. They are  the strongest and cleverest young people. They are the chosen ones to play, to fight, to find the clues, and solve the mystery about Endgame. Otherwise they and their dynasty is going to die.


This book is pathetic. It’s written very short tensed. Very fast paced. And it’s great. I’ve never read anything like that, it’s really an interesting and unique plot.

I like about this book, how the characters grow, how you slowly get to know them, their strengths and weaknesses. It’s melodramatic and very suspenseful.

Sometimes, you don’t really understand what’s going on, but then in the next chapter you find out what it was about. You are looking for the same answers as the players do, that’s one part I really like about it.

The narrator writes form different places and happenings. You read about the game from each player. Sometimes they get together, and then their ways separate. The reader has a kind of overview, yet not a full understanding about the happening.

ENDGAME is different. It’s exciting. I like it.


I can really recommend it to all the fantasy readers out there!

I hope you enjoyed this February book club and if you have any book recommendations, pease let me know!

I’ out and about,




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