My Travel Essentials

Hello everyone!

I’m back with another essential post, this time I’ll share all my travel essentials with you! Over the next few days I’ll be on holiday, so I thought this post could fit quite well! Any other people travelling out there? When I go on travel I use to always stick to pretty much the same items that I have to take with me! I thought I share them with you.

Make-up bag:

In this little beauty, I put all my makeup essentials, I wrote a post about it here. I think it’s great to have a little make-up bag like this, that you can carry easily around all day. Of course, I also take a bigger one with toothbrush etc., but this one is worth mentioning. J



Pencil case:

So, this is an absolute must! Wherever I went on holiday, I had my trusty pens with me, simply because I don’t want to suddenly sit there wanting to write or draw, but not being able to.




Obviously, I take my cellphone with me too, I won’t give any explanation for that, but then I also have to take my beloved headphones with me. These are great! You can listen on a small volume, but you hear the music as great as with music boxes!




I told you about this already here. I just love it, I really need to take it with me on holiday, because I love to sketch some of the impressions of the day in there.




I’m not a diary writer, not a regular one anyway. But from time to time, I just need to write down what’s going on in my mind. And I tend to write more when I’m somewhere else than at home.




I can’t wait to use my camera on holidays, I feel like when you’re at another place than your hometown, I see soo much more amazing photo motives. It would be a sin to not take my camera with me, I can’t wait to use it!



My trusty Fizzen bag:

So, this is my little backpack where I can actually carry all the stuff I mentioned above! It’s super light and practical, but it fits quite a lot in there! There are many different variations in color of this bag, but I chose this washed out pink and the white lettering.



That was it! I hope you enjoyed it and let me know what are your must-have-items for holiday!

I’m out and about (like for real!),




  1. Nice! I’m going to America, LA on may and I’m sooooo excited! And I have the EXACT same headphones as you! Wow, what a coincidence! And, I also have a polaroid camera that I use to take pictures of the MAIN highlights in my trip! And carrying a travel journal is also kind of cool! I just got that idea of a travel journal on my last holiday and can’t wait to fill it up! Maybe you might try it too! And where are you going? I’m sure it’s an exciting place! xxxxxx ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. It’s good to have a sneak-peek at your travel essentials. I like everything on the list. They are so cool but in particular I love love love your sketch book.

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