Current Beauty Favorites!

Hello everyone!

So you might have seen my post about Berlin (here) and I won’t pretend that I wasn’t a very active shopping girl there. I bought a few make-up products and to be honest I bought some really nice ones! That’s why I thought I want to share them with you!

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Big March Award Catch up!

Hello everyone!

Before we get into this post, I want to explain myself. And I want to say THANK YOU to all these wonderful bloggers who were so kind to nominate me! Please don’t think that I don’t care about nominations just because I don’t do them instantly! I am always so honored and so happy to see my name under other nominees! Really, I can’t tell how much I appreciate that!

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Let’s talk: Stress

Hello everyone and welcome back to anther Let’s talk!

Today I’m going to talk about stress. I’m sure that is something, we all struggle with. Stress is something so annoying and destroying. It can take the fun from everything and really put you under pressure. Well, but we don’t want that anymore. Over the last year,  I learned how to handle stress a bit better. I thought, I’d share my thoughts about leaving stress behind you for long term.

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3 T-shirts & a pair of blue jeans

Hello everybody!

I’m back with another fashion post! This one is a classic, I think, but I mean there’s a reason something is classic. So, first I just want to tell you a bit about what I use to wear most of days, is jeans and T-shirt. I’m all about the super cool and unique complex outfits, which make you feel beautiful and proud. I love to go outdoors with this feeling of being really on fleek today (ya know what I mean?). But to be honest, most days, I don’t have these great outfits. I just grab one of my T-shirts, jeans and off I go. Continue reading “3 T-shirts & a pair of blue jeans”


Dare to write

Hello everyone,

This is quite a different theme for a blogpost, but it just made me think, so I wanted to share my thoughts with you.

When I was little, I used to write a lot. All sorts of stories, crazy, surreal, funny, illogical stories. Simply because I enjoyed it. There was no further thought or doubt behind it. And it worked out quite well. People used to quite like what I wrote, I think not only the cute effect, but they actually told me that they liked it. And that made me very proud and happy. I even dreamed about getting an author once.

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