Out and about in Berlin

Hello everybody!

Last week, I was lucky to spend a few days in Berlin! I’ve been there already a few times, since I have family there, but I discover always a new side, a new part of this wonderful city! I thought I’ll write a post about my time there, because I personally like to read those travel/holiday posts. But just to warn you, I’m a rubbish travel blogger, I didn’t visit all the sightseeing, I don’t have the best photos, because we just walked here and there and whenever I saw something interesting I snapped randomly my camera. Let’s see how it’s turned out!



The main reason, why I love Berlin so much is because of the huge diversity. If anybody’s interested in architecture, Berlin is superb for that! Old and new are the best neighbors there! There are tons of different styles and buildings to admire! Beside great architecture, there are plenty of art to see. I know that not everybody is the type of person who likes to go to museums, but I honestly really like it. In Berlin is a huge choice of art to look at. From huge museums to small galleries in the streets! Any art lovers out there? Berlin is the place to go!




The sightseeing is obviously great, but to be honest, the best part is to just walk around, sit in a café, have a big slice of delicious cake and watch the tourists go by. Berlin is super busy, but relaxed. The perfect mix.






So, of course, I had to spend one day shopping. There are all the great shops of this world, cute boutiques and unique design. I couldn’t miss that!




Another big plus is how incredibly friendly most people are. In the shops and cafés, they talk to you, they are helpful and you can really have a lovely and interesting conversation with them. I love it, if people are so open to share their thoughts and knowledge with foreign people.




All in all, Berlin was a wonderful experience as always! I can highly recommend visiting Berlin one day, there’s something for everyone!

I really hope you enjoyed this casual travel post!

I’m out and about,




  1. I loved your blog post! I’ve never been to Berlin…. Sadly it is quiet far away from where I live in Germany. But I definitely want to go there some day!
    Your pictures are amazing! So happy you had a nice time there 🙂

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  2. What lovely photos! It is always so interesting to see Berlin through other people’s eyes! If you get a chance to visit again, you must make it to the east! We have so many lovely cafes and shops here!

    Rae | LFB Blogazine

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  3. Even though you say youre not a travel blogger you may have just convinced me to go to Berlin when I’m travelling in Europe this summer! For some reason Germany hadn’t crossed my mind but now it’s definitely on my list!

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  4. ELLEENNNAAA!!!! I LOVEEEE YOUR BLOGGG SOOO VERYYY MUCH!!! I love photography and I loved this post because it was just so aesthetically pleasing haha,, ur blog is very pretty actually and I just know I’m gonna love reading ur future posts so I’m so glad I discovered you 🙂
    love from sareena

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  5. Love..love the pictures. Germany is on my list of countries I want to visit and Berlin looks like an amazing city. Sehr gut article (showing off my deutsch skills I’ve learned)

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