3 T-shirts & a pair of blue jeans

Hello everybody!

I’m back with another fashion post! This one is a classic, I think, but I mean there’s a reason something is classic. So, first I just want to tell you a bit about what I use to wear most of days, is jeans and T-shirt. I’m all about the super cool and unique complex outfits, which make you feel beautiful and proud. I love to go outdoors with this feeling of being really on fleek today (ya know what I mean?). But to be honest, most days, I don’t have these great outfits. I just grab one of my T-shirts, jeans and off I go. Hands to heart, we all know these days. Anyway, even then, I want to feel a bit, you know, still fashionable. That’s why, 70% of my purchases in shops are simple T-shirts. Today I’ll show you some of my latest purchases, that still make a nice casual outfit! They’re all totally different, to be honest, but I guess my style is pretty open. I just grab whatever pleases me!


Black Embroidered T-shirt:

Okay, first of all, let me tell you how happy I am about this new trend. I love all this embroidery, I’ve always been a fan of it, and now it’s in shops everywhere! This one is from Zara, and I freaking love it! It’s simple, not over-embroidered and just lovely!



Red T-shirt with withe striped sleves:

This one from H&M, is rather unusual for me, but I just needed to take it! I like how vivid the color is, although I tend to rather wear all kind of blue, grey and white colored Tees. So, this is a bit of an exception. Wearing it makes me feel a bit boyish, and skater-girl-like, which is rubbish of course, but anyway, I like it!



White flower T-shirt:

This is just amazing! It is from Brandy Melville, and the moment I saw it, I knew it would be one of my all-time favorite Tees ever! The fact that is cream white is already great, but this little bouquet of wild flowers is just too pretty, don’t you think? The texture is super soft and loose! I’m in love!



That’s it already! Tell me please what your current go-to T-shirts are! I’d love to know.

I’m out and about,




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