Spring nail polishes

Hello everybody!

Lately I’ve been really loving nail polishes. I’ve bought a few new ones, which I’m absolutely obsessed with! It’s a brand called trend it up of which I never heard before, but I am positively surprised by their quality.


They’re pretty cheap, but still last really well and are rather easy to remove. Also, they are quite spring-themed and which excites me even more! Two of them are matt, I haven’t bought any matt nail polishes before, but I really like it.

Let’s go:

SOFT MATTE in light pastel green:


I wasn’t quite sure about this color, because I am not the biggest fan of green nails. But on the nails, it’s much more turquoise than green, so I really enjoyed wearing it!

PORCELAIN in pastel blue


You can never go wrong with blue nails, let’s be honest. Especially if it’s one of these wonderful light greyish blue shades! Love it!

SOFT MATTE in lavender


This soft lavender color really intrigued me, again, it was new. I never wore violet nails before, but there’s a first time for everything, right? I feel like this color is the most spring related, so I guess I will be going back to it quite a lot in the coming weeks!

These nail polishes are really easy to use, because their applier is so wide and big! THat is always important for me!


So, all in all I’m very pleased with my purchase, that’s why I shared it with you!


I hope you enjoyed this little post!

I’m out and about,




  1. These polishes’ colours are really nice ^^
    In fact, I don’t paint my nails cause I don’t have time and my mum is always be averse to do it. Recently I painted my nails with pink glittery nail polish. My mum was a little bit angry with me but then she said that I have beautiful pink nails, ha ha 😀

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    1. I actually find myself doing it more in holidays, because it always takes more time then I think. I’m looking forward to summer, then I aways go crazy with colours on my nails! 😉


    1. I tried to comment and to say thank you again for nominating me for this fun challenge, but there was some kind of problem and I couldn’t do it….😔 but anyway thank you so much! (And flying would definitely be my superpower too 😉)


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