Snapshots of a spring outfit

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re all doing well and I hope you’re all as excited to get your spring/summer wardrobe out! To celebrate the actual, begin of spring, I put together a spring outfit! I’m really enjoying writing fashion posts lately and you seem to quite like them too, so let’s do this!

(Again, I want to point out, that the items I’m wearing aren’t necessarily new and maybe not available in shops anymore, still you can use the post for inspiration and if you wish, have a look for similar clothes!)

I’m wearing:

Jeans overall dress – from H&M

White and blue striped body – from H&M

Black glitter shoes – from Globe trotter

Watch – from Certina

Nude-colored tights – (depending on temperature)

I chose to wear my beloved jeans overall dress, which I bought last summer and I couldn’t wait to wear it again now in spring! I bought it last year, but I’ve seen that they’re around again this season! So, if you can, get your hands on this! It’s a lovely staple for a good spring wardrobe and is easy to combine to all sorts of T-shirts! For me a clear must-have!




I love the combination of the jeans and this body, I think it looks really fashionable and since it’s a body, it doesn’t get out of place all the time. I feel very comfortable in it, and it fits to many other trousers, so you can’t really go wrong with it! Also, I love the high neck of it!

I wore tights underneath the dress, because it was warm, but not quite warm enough yet to leave the legs bare. But, that is of course optional depending on the temperature!


My shoes are just one of my most loved shoes ever. I saw them in a shop, and I just couldn’t leave them there. In a way, they’re special, but since they’re black, still easy to combine in pretty much every outfit. They give every outfit a special and cool touch, I really love in them!



Finally, I wore my watch from Certina, which is really lovely! It looks elegant but casual enough to wear it every day. I like to combine it with jeans in special, and I think it completes the outfit with very nice little extra touch!



So, that was my spring outfit! I hope you enjoyed it and you could get some inspiration for your spring/summer wardrobe!


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