March Book Club

Hello everyone!

I’m back with the March Book Club! I actually read this book before, a few years ago. But I found it in my shelf, and since I did only remember barely anything of it, but the fact that I loved it, I gave it a second go! And I’m so happy that I did!


by Sonia Fernandez-Vidal


Laila knows that with this summer job, her life is going to change. She’ll come back to Sevilla as a different person, not completely, but still, different.

Over the summer, Laila, who just finished school and wants to study soon, is working in the cafeteria at the CERN in Geneva. Probably the place with the most assembled geniuses in the world. Laila, who is really interested in physics can’t wait to work there, meet students and simply dive into a whole unknown world. Arriving there, she realizes that being abroad on her own for the first time isn’t as easy, especially at the CERN, where she, the best student in her school, feels stupid. At least her roommate Angie wants the best for her, and of course Alessio, the handsome journalist who teaches her how to make a real cappuccino. Everything would be so nice and uncomplicated, if there wasn’t Brian who makes Laila’s heart bump faster…


QUANTIC LOVE is just so easy and lovely to read! I love how the pot is so easy, yet interesting and fun to follow. For me, Laila is a relatable and understandable character. She is a genuinely lovely and warmhearted person, who is trying to make everything right.  I also really appreciate the fact, that both Brian and Alessio are good guys with flaws. I think the characters are so real, that the book isn’t too cheesy or too predictable.


The setting is the CERN. There, physicists from all over the world are trying to answer questions about space, science and humans. I am actually really interested in astronomy and physics, so I love that you learn a few interesting facts about space and famous physicist. The author herself is a quantic physicist, so you can be sure that she knows about what she’s talking.


Over all, I think QUANTIC LOVE is the perfect book for anyone who loves a bit of a romance and for everyone who enjoys a bit of spacey facts along the story. I really recommend it for holidays, a quick and light book to enjoy, something easy and not too deep!


I hope you enjoyed my third book club, I had a lot of fun writing it! If you have any book recommendations, please let me know!

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