Current Beauty Favorites!

Hello everyone!

So you might have seen my post about Berlin (here) and I won’t pretend that I wasn’t a very active shopping girl there. I bought a few make-up products and to be honest I bought some really nice ones! That’s why I thought I want to share them with you!

TREND IT UP Ultra Matte Lipstick 460

This one is just beautiful. Although I was well aware, that I wouldn’t use it so much because of the vivid red, I really wanted to buy it. I think it’s a great staple (I mean everyone needs a good red lipstick) and I’m really looking forward for an event where I can wear it!




NYX Beauty School Dropout 101 Palette in Smokey

Moving on with my favorite beauty brand at the moment, I bought this palette. And I couldn’t be more pleased. It wasn’t too pricey, but pricey enough to trust the quality. I think it’s a great basic palette, you can create a lot of different simple looks with it or go a bit braver! The pigmentation is quite good too and the shades are just prettyyy!





This brush just works. You can use it for the whole eye, it blends beautifully and I like that it’s so long! Simple but trusty!



NYX Matt lipstick 558 in Cocoa

I’m ending with my absolute favorite! I wear this one soo much! I love how decent this shade is, but still makes so pretty lips and gives them a bit of a touch up! I use it a lot (like really)! It fits to everything and feels super light on my lips! I really can’t recommend this lipstick enough!



That was it! I hope you enjoyed this little post and please let me know what your current faves are!

I’m out and about,




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