How to handle a busy week

Hello everyone!

I’m sure we all know these weeks, where your agenda simply explodes with all kind of meetings, school or work duties, maybe some events and all that jazz. For me, only the thought of running from A to B all day every day fills me with stress. Stress that I won’t be able to manage it. And that makes me want to skip this week, no matter if it might be a fun week, I just want to skip all these tons of stuff I have to do and leave it behind me.

But, that’s not possible. So, you better get along with it, and learn how to handle these weeks. Here are my top tips how to survive a busy week!


So, this is what I need to do, as soon as I have a lot coming up. Grab a piece of paper and organize your week. Organize your days, write down a big TO-DO-list and maybe even make a time schedule. Whenever you’ll start panicking, because you’re scared to forget something, just have a look at you list and tick off everything you’ve already done. Don’t worry though, if you’re falling out of schedule. It’s normal that not everything is going to work out exactly the way you planned it. Organize yourself, but stay flexible and spontaneous!



This tip might seem so obvious, but I think it’s not. I, personally, tend to want to make everything right for everyone. If someone asks me for help, I always want to say yes, no matter how much time I actually have. But if you’re in a stressy situation, say no. Leave things out, that don’t matter so much and accept the fact, that in this week you need to concentrate on your work!


  1. SLEEP

Okay, that’s an important one. I’m someone who really needs a good portion of sleep to be able to work properly. Others don’t need that much sleep, but trust me, everyone needs a certain amount of sleep to get through busy weeks! So, please, really do yourself that favor and go to bed at a resonable time! If you sometimes have difficulties to sleep well, maybe this post might help you!



As sad as it is, we’re not superheroes, and we need to sometimes step back and just take a break from everything. Even if your days seem to leave no space for breaks, be confident and allow yourself without shame to just take one, when you feel like you can’t sit on your desk any longer!



This is probably the most important one for me. I think it’s extremely important, to not give up your hobbies for the sake of stress. Yes, you have a lot to do and you still need to finish this and that. BUT: Go to your training. Go to your music lesson. Go for a run. Meet a friend. Do fun things. You have a busy week, but if you give up everything you like, you’re going to hate every moment and that’s not helpful to do your work well and as I said already, we need breaks. Doing your hobby, is going to unwind you and to make you forget everything for an hour or so and then you get back to work with a fresh and positive mind!


See? A busy week is no problem anymore! You can handle it!

Do you have any further tips to get through a tough week? Please let me know!


I’m out and about,






  1. This is such a great post as I’ve got a really busy week ahead, tonight I’m going to get a good nights sleep and I’m going to do my to do list!

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  2. Agree with you 100% – especially on sleep! people forget that to have a productive day they need sleep! I will never understand how some of my peers can pull all nighters a day before the exam?! Great post x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey, I’m Cheila. I’ve just discovered your blog through my Tag and Gluecksgeist. It’s really nice to meet you!! I love this post and I think you are absolutely right in all the points you made. Organization is key, but sleep and enough rest are also very important. We always try to push ourselves too hard and that never ends up well. xx

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