Let’s get back into running!

Hello everyone!

The sun is out. The world is green. And where I live, bad weather is no excuse anymore. That’s why I’ll tell you how to get back into running, or, if you haven’t done any running yet, to get started!

I personally really enjoy running. I find it something very relaxing and fulfilling, once that I’m actually running. Especially during the warmer seasons I find myself going for runs a lot more often. In winter, though, I always lose my motivation, because I really don’t fancy to run whilst it’s raining cats and dogs. But with the lack of running through several months, it’s always a bit challenging to get back into a good routine. So, with this post, I hope to help you to get back into it, and, I’m not gonna lie, I need the motivation myself.

Enough of the rambling! Let’s get into it!

And that was already my first tip. Don’t ramble about getting back into it. Do it.

I know, I know, that’s easier said than done. But that’s the spirit we’re looking for, alright?

Now a bit more concrete:


Take your time:


Time and patience is the key. After your first run in ages, you will be exhausted and maybe a bit disappointed of yourself. You’re not in your best form, not yet anyway. It takes time and determination to get back in shape. That doesn’t mean though, that you should take it easy. Quite the contrary, as you’ll see in my next point!


Find out what kind of runner you are:


Are you someone who likes to plan exactly which way you’re running before leaving? Or do you rather just pick up your trainers and see where your legs are going to take you? Do you like to set a timer? Or do you just run and see how long you’ve taken for it?

It doesn’t really matter, as long you’re happy with it.

What matters though, is, that you challenge yourself. Don’t make it easy for you. If you feel like, you can’t go any farther, keep running for just a bit longer. Push yourself, but don’t hurt you.


Plan it:

The most popular excuse is, that you don’t have time for it. This excuse doesn’t count anymore. You can find an hour in your week for running. You just need to plan it. Write it into your agenda. Make it something regular and official. And who knows, maybe a friend will join you. See? You do have time!


Choose a nice place:

I know that many people like running in gyms because they see all the facts. They know exactly how many kilometers they run, how fast their heart beats, how many calories they burn and so on. But, come on is that even important? Shouldn’t it be simply a fun experience? For me, running in the gym is pretty boring. Isn’t it so much nicer and enjoyable to run outside? In a park, a forest, just a nice place. Maybe change it up from time to time and discover new things. Use it as an opportunity to get some fresh air.


What are you running for?

I think it’s important to remember the reason, why you’re actually running. For me, it’s the moment when it suddenly gets easy and I seem to almost float above the ground. For me, it’s the pride, when I snuggle on my couch after an intensive run. What is it for you? Is it worth it? Is it fun? Because if you’re doing it for the wrong reasons, all the benefits get lost and the time you put into it is wasted. There are many other activities and maybe running is just not your thing. If it is, though, let’s do go for it!


And with that said, I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe it motivated you to pick up your trainers!


I’m out and about (hopefully on a run 😉),




  1. I need to get back into running so badly! In high school I ran cross country, and running was my exercise of choice all through my twenties. After having a baby via C-Section I have not ran… for two years now. Of course I wasn’t running after having a baby due to recovery and soreness from surgery. But then it turned into I don’t have time…I just need to start up again! Yesterday I took my daughter for a very long brisk walk in the stroller, about 2.5 miles. I figure I can start with long walks and then add jogging here and there until I am in shape enough to start running again!

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  2. Running is a fantastic activity! I want to start to run and stay fit, ha ha 😀 I’m not fat or something like that, I’m slim but I want to run because it’s a good way to be healthy and it can make us happy!
    In Poland now it’s cloudy, cold and it’s raining but I hope we have beautiful summer when I could start running.

    Love from Poland!! ❤

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    1. Thank you Ann! I hope for you too, that it’s getting warmer! Where I live, it’s been sadly really rainy too the last few days, but I want to go for a run tomorrow with a friend!


  3. Love it! Keep at it! There’s something to be said for running in the rain too! I grew up a runner in a place that rains nearly every day. It starts out cold, but after you’re nice and warmed up it’s actually quite comfortable. As long as it’s not well below freezing lol just need a hat and rain slicker and you’re good 😉

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