Let’s talk: Family

Hello everyone and happy Easter!

I definitely love Easter! I mean how could you not? Chocolate, family and friends, good food and more chocolate?

For me Easter (as well as Christmas, but that’s not the season, right?) is very family-focused. I think it’s just such a nice opportunity to spend fun times together. I didn’t want to post any cheesy Easter-blogposts, as much as I love them, but still this post has for me an important relation to Easter, since it’s such a family moment.

Family. Family is probably the most important part of my life. I mean, your family is what shapes your personality from the beginning on.

For me, family is what gives me a place in this world. Whatever might happen, I know that I have my family, that I can always turn too and I’m immensely grateful for that.

The most important part of a family, in my opinion, is trust. Trust to never let each other down, trust to help in big and small needs and to stand up for each other.

I know, that I am very lucky with my family. I can count on them, more than I can count on anyone else. I trust them my life and I love them, and that’ll never change.

I know, that not everybody always has an easy time with their families. I know, that it is difficult sometimes to connect on the same wave and to keep that deep childish bond between a kid and a parent.

But, what I know too, is, that whatever your situation looks like, it’s worth it to try. It’s worth it to build a deep relationship and to most importantly keep it.

Because respect, love and trust is what makes you strong as a person, it’s what made me strong and still does day by day. These things all come from my parents and my sisters, my grandparents, from my whole surrounding of people.

I count some close friends to my family. Because family means to me, the group of people that do you good since you exist. The group of people that mean the world to you and those you mean the world to them either.

I think, we all have so different lives, different families and friends. But we all have these people that we need around us. Because they make us to who we are. And Easter is, as well as every day should be to be honest, a special occasion to be grateful for it.

I’m out and about (looking for Easter eggs 😉 ),




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