Out and about in La Garde Freinet

Hello everyone!

Today I’m back with a other travel post! Last time I was in Berlin when I shared my holiday adventures, here, you guys quite enjoyed having a look at all the snaps I took! That’s why I don’t want you to miss out to get a few impressions of my happy place!  Enjoy!


It’s an old traditional village in the hills of the south of France and I absolutely love the style of the buildings and the atmosphere there. I speak French and I have a rather close connection to France, so it’s always a delight to hear this beautiful language.


It takes about forty-five minutes to get to a beach, which I think is the biggest, but also the only minus I can think of this place. But that has the advantage of calmness all around. There aren’t too many tourists near the village, so it’s all kept simple and real.


There are so many things I like about this place, and croissants aren’t at the bottom of my list. I think overall, I can say, that a trip to the South of France is totally worth it!


So, I hope you now have an impression of where I spent the last days!

I’m out and about,




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