A healthy work space


Hello everyone!


Today’s post is all about the right working atmosphere. Whatever we’re doing, working, learning or creating, we all need the right place to feel and, more importantly, be productive. Especially if we’re having a busy week, we spend a lot of time at our desks. And since I am a strong believer, that a nice surrounding makes huge differences in the quality of our work, I really wanted to write this post! Wether you are a perfectionist, who needs to have every pencil at its right place or if you’re a rather chilled person, who doesn’t care that much about how messy your desktop looks, these are a few points that you should check, to create your personal best work place!


Enough space

Frist of all, the most obvious one, but still not to underestimate! Having enough space is so important. It doesn’t actually matter where you’re working, it can be at your desk, at your dining table, even in your bed (guilty!). As long as you have enough space for all your material and enough headspace for your thoughts, it’s a good working place! In summer, I would also suggest getting outdoors, it can be more deliberating than you would think to work in the sun!


A healthy seat

Again, you’re going to think, that it’s obvious to have a good seat, a comfortable chair. Yes, it is. It is obvious, but why do so many people still have back problems because they’re sitting wrongly the whole day? Because, we tend to take what is practical, we tend to just use whatever is there already. I tell you, if you can, find a chair that really is healthy for your back.  Don’t just sink ducked over your laptop all day, find a seat that “challenges” you. You need to move from time to time, to sit straight and certainly not to bunk off in a uncomfortable chair until your back is hurt.


Choose the right material

So, for me, there are a few must-haves that I need around me, to be able to work properly. I’m talking about note book, pencils, color pencils, makers, post-its, Tipp-Ex…. you know what I mean. It’s totally different for everyone what kind of material and also how much they use and need. Personally, I like to have a good amount of various colors and pencils. I like to mark out, whatever is the most important and I need a notebook or some scratch paper to put my thoughts into words any time. If you’re interested, I could do a whole post about my must-have stationary for work!



So, I would say, creating the right atmosphere and having enough space comes hand in hand. Still I want to point out the importance of it. For example, if you’re working in an office, that even might be big, but that is surrounded by grey walls and is lacking light, the atmosphere isn’t very motivating, no matter how big the room is. To create a warm and welcoming work atmosphere, I recommend big windows, plants and photographs. Only because it’s your office, it doesn’t mean, that it shouldn’t look as great as your rooms at home! If you’re working from home, you can put some extra effort into your desk aria. I think, if your desk is a place that you like, you will be more willing to work and the results are going to be much better!



Whilst we’re working or learning something, it can get boring and then awful. What we need then is motivation. And since human beings are often lazy, it’s good to have something near you. I’m speaking about snacks and drinks. My tip is to have a drawer near your working space with some dry fruits, nuts or maybe a bit of chocolate if it’s a bad day. You know, just something that gives your new energy and motivation. Plus, it’s a small break for your mind, which is always a good thing. Don’t treat yourself though, if you don’t actually need it yet. You know, when an energizer is needed, don’t cheat! Also, make sure to have a big bottle of water near you!If you’re not staying hydrated, you won’t be as productive as you could!


With that said, I come to the end of this post! If you’re already have completed all these points, then high five! Otherwise, have fun recreating a nice and healthy working space!


I’m out and about,




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