The art of snacking!

Hello everyone!

I’m surely not the only one, whose life is based on snacks, (okay, not my whole life, but certainly a big part of it!) And since I need to decide on a daily base, what snack to choose, I thought I could dedicate a blogpost to it! Here you go, the art of snacking right!


For a small hunger: Yogurts and cereal bars // with a glass of water

I think, whenever you feel hungry, but it’s just not time yet to eat properly, a nice cereal bar or a yogurt will do! Also, there’s such a big choice of both in shops, that I’m sure you can find it everywhere and anywhere, even with your favorite flavor! And what can I say about water? You need it! Hunger is sometimes also caused by lack of water, so you better drink up!


Mind-refresher! : fresh fruits // a glass of cold lemonade

I think that lemonade is my go-to drink, when I feel dizzy and a bit tired! Fresh fruits are going to give a nice portion of healthy energy and you can really take whatever you like, but I would then go (if available) for an orange or an apple! I promise, it’ll give you a kick of fresh energy!


A bit of nibbling: mixed dry fruit and nuts // glass of orange juice

There are some situations (I’m speaking of revision, or other awful desktop work) where it’s nice to nibble at something small. I then love eating a few dried fruits and some nuts. It’s so tasty and small, that you can easily grab a few every time that you get bored! And the orange juice, well it just fits with everything really, doesn’t it? Even with math problems!


Lack of energy: Peanut butter on rye bread // A glass of milk

Honestly, this combination has saved my day so many times! It’s just the best thing ever! I freaking love peanut butter and if you’re about to give up, it’s just the only thing that can lift my mood! Don’t believe me? Give it a try!


Chilled afternoon: Cookies// Cup of black tea

Who doesn’t love cookies and tea? If you’re having a chilled afternoon, where you have no other plans than relaxing, cookies and tea are a must! Enjoy your time!


Fancy mood: Cake // Cup of coffee

So, this is a luxe snack! Cake anyway, coffee is something I tend to have rather often, but not in combination with cake! Cakes are wonderful things, so many variations and forms! I feel like, I’ll have to do a bake recipe on this blog soon! Until then, let’s dream of our next cake-and-coffee-time!


S.O.S. Situation : chocolate // Chai Latte

I try to avoid chocolate as a snack. But in some moments, a nice piece of chocolate with a warm Chai Latte is needed! Please, listen to your body. It is very important to then give it some chocolate or it could end dangerous. I’m serious (kind of 😊 ), chocolate is sometimes not only the best, but also the only medicine!




So! That was it! My guide to the art of snacking! I hope you enjoyed it and let me know what your favorite snack is (I can’t choose) and if I forgot any important ones! If your a foody, jsut like me, make sure to check out my last food-related posts (here and here) or stick around for different content if you wish!

I’m out and about,




  1. Man, I totally forgot about lemonade! Which is funny because I work serving lemonade slushies all summer. Homemade lemonade is so good!

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  2. Funny post and I like it! 😊
    I also like snacks! It’s nice to eat something during watching TV or learning something! 😜
    I love fresh fruit, especially bananas 🍌 or watermelons 🍉! In summer there are lots of delicious fruit in Poland, eg. strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and other ____berries 🍓 I also like freeze-dried fruit, especially pineapples 🍍
    Cookies, cakes and chocolates are tasty 🍰🍫
    In my opinion also crisps or crakers… and chips are delicious! 🍪🍟 I love eating pizza! 🍕

    That’s all from me. I used lots of emoticons and sorry if it’s annoying for you but I love to use them so I did it 😂

    Good night! 🌜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This comment makes me so happy for this day! (it’s currently 7am, you know!) So thank you for useing all th eemojis! 🙂 And thank you for reading too! ❤


  3. I loooooove snacks! Another snack I love is late night snack of a spoon of peanut butter and jam and some herbal chamomile tea

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