Early bird


Hello everyone!

I’m an early bird. Since… well since always. My parents told me, that I would wake them up even before 6 am when I was a kid. I barely wake up at 6 am anymore, but I don’t sleep longer than 8 am, which is still quite early for many people.

Whenever I tell people, that I wake up that early even on the weekends, they’re mostly shocked. I find that quite funny, because all those long sleepers simply don’t know what they’re missing out! In today’s post, I’ll talk you through the main reasons, why being an early bird is awesome!


You’re free to do whatever you like

The world is right to your feet. If you wake up early in the morning, and everyone else is still fast as sleep, then you can do whatever you want to. (as long as it isn’t too loud of course). I love this feeling of freedom. I usually have a tea, a small snack and then I either (depending on my mood) cuddle myself back into my bed to read a book or I get dressed to do a thousand and one things before breakfast. Both things, I absolutely love to do! 😉


You have more time for the things you love

If you wake up early, the day is longer, which means you have more time to do for what you need and what you want to do. I usually use the morning hours to update my blog and have a look around in all kind of social networks. If I have a lot going on in school, then it’s very helpful to be awake early. My mind is clearer and faster in the mornings (yep, I know, not what most people experience) and so I can get done a lot. Like that, my day won’t be filled only with boring work.


You’re more productive

This and my last point go hand in hand. If you start your day early with getting loads done, chances are great, that you’ll be continuing the day just like that. In the rare occasions where I slept longer than 9:30 am, I always felt so dizzy and tired, and I ended up hanging around on my couch doing more or less nothing. Nothing smart anyway. I mean it’s okay to have these days, it’s even good from time to time to have a lazy day, but I don’t like to be so demotivated the whole day. That’s why, my friend, being an early bird is what I want to be!



I find myself a lot more creative in the mornings. Somehow my brain spits out tons of ideas for all sort of blog posts, stories and more. I love to sit down, grab a pen and to put my thoughts onto paper. I’m always so eager to do it all at the same time and it’s like a chain reaction. Gosh, I love these moments!


The world is quiet and beautiful

I love the air and atmosphere in the mornings. I don’t know about you, but to me the world in the morning is so beautifully quiet and relaxing, that I have the feeling everything’s fine. Especially in summer, when the sun is rising that early! I have a calm start into the day and I’m looking forward to making all my plans happening.


So far so good, I think you guys get now that I love waking up early. It’s something that is a part of me and I like it. What about you? Are you an early bird or a night owl? Let’s have a discussion about all the pros and cons in the comment section! See you then!

I’m out and about,




  1. I totally agree with you, you can actually feel that you have done something productive every day! even tough I sleep at midnight I still woke up around 6 or 7. It’s like a routine of my body that’s why my head aches because I sleep to late but wakes up early hahaha. I need to discipline thyself. Thanks to this post ’cause it serves as a reminder!

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  2. I’m definitely an early bird. Like you, I wake early even on the weekends. Being an early bird has its benefits there is no denying that. However, when you’re the only one in the household getting up that early it can be a little lonely sometimes. My kids seem to have inherited that early bird thing too so my household is not as quiet as it should be at that time in the morning. 🙂 Have a great day!

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  3. I love to wake up early because I have more time for nice relaxed breakfast and it’s great to open the window because mornings are so nice during Spring time. xx

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  4. I have been on both sides, on rare occassions I’m both but then I’m really tired all day XD
    I have lately preferred being an early bird, you do get so much more done that way, especially if you’ve had a great night’s sleep 😀

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  5. I agree with every point mentioned. I get my best ideas in early morning or late at night, which is usually when it’s quiet and everyone else is sleeping. The mornings are a lot more peaceful and I usually get more things done. By 5 PM I usually just want to relax and not worry about anything lol. I want to start going out on the balcony in the early mornings to write sometime

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  6. Oh, I agree with you. If we get up early, we have more time… etc. And I always want to do it but I’m not an early bird, haha 😀 I go to sleep late and I usually get up late (except for school days – then I go to sleep really late, eg. 1-2pm, and I must get up at 7). Probably I should work at myself to change my biological clock 😉

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    1. You could try and do so, and if you enjoy being up early that’s great. But some people prefer staying up late and other’s simpy don’t. But it’s nice to try out both 🙂


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