How to turn a bad day into a great one!

Hello everyone!

Bad days, we all know them. And well, they’re not exactly fun. Waking up feeling groovy, having zero motivation and head ache. Not so wonderful. And it’s very likely, that we simply accept it as it is, that we make one excuse after the other to be able to stay at home doing nothing, but feeling worse and worse. Continue reading “How to turn a bad day into a great one!”


Love your outfit all day, every day!


Hello everyone,

Wearing the right outfit makes a huge difference throughout my day. I’m speaking of feeling confident, comfortable and pretty. I guess, I’m not the only one, who is really trying hard, to find a great outfit every morning. This is a challenge that can be tricky sometimes, but over the time, I found out a few hacks, that help me to find the right outfit for each day, every day!

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The sun’s out!

Hello everyone!

I don’t know what weather’s like where you live, but in my town, we pretty much have summer by now! And that makes me dance around like a little kid. So of course, I took my camera with me, when my mom and I went for a walk in a very nice park nearby. I feel like this is a good start for all my summer blogposts! The season has officially begun! And for now, I hope you enjoy scrolling through my photos!

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