May Book Club


Hello everyone and welcome back to another Book Club!

I know I’m late, it’s already June, but I don’t want to miss a month, so I thought I’m going to call this the May Book Club anyway. 😉 I hope you enjoy this post, and if you have any cool books you think I should know, please let me know about them! I can never have nough books in my life!


If I was your girl

By Meredith Russo


Moving on to the book. I’m sure you heard of it already, it’s been discussed on various channels, blogs and chats already, and that’s good. Because this book, is a book that no one can read without learning from it, no one can read it without thinking intensively about it. I just finished reading it and I loved it. And I know that I’ll be recommending it to anyone I know, because it’s so important to understand what Amanda, the main character, is going through.




About the story…

Amanda is a girl like any girl with one exception. For most of her life, she was stuck in a boy’s body. After her surgery, she decided to start a new life at her dad’s. For the first time in her life Amanda is happy. She’s a girl, she finds friends easily and before she knows she finds herself in a relationship. But Amanda still has a past, which is part of her, as much as she hates it. She has a secret and keeping it can be as hard as telling everyone the truth. But Amanda isn’t going to let anyone put her down…




About the characters…

Amanda is just awesome. She’s such an inspiring character and a great role model too. She’s kind, helpful and sees the beauty in everyone, except herself. I love how we see her growing confidence and finding acceptance for who she is.

The characters in this book are real and raw and aren’t’ made all “pretty”, so that we like them. Everyone has their own fight to fight, everyone has their own struggles, some are bigger than others, still they are real.

I love how it’s pointed out, that no one is what we call “normal”, neither has anyone the “perfect life”, even if it seems so.




About the writing…

It was super easy to follow the story and I enjoyed it very much how the story was built up. The reader always gets new “brain food” and it never gets boring or exhausting. I loved reading it and I was sad when it was over. I could’ve continued to read Amanda’s story forever. In fact, I’d love to know how the story is going to develop. I’m so curious, but I doubt a sequel to come.




After all this book really impressed me. I thought that I was already quite familiar with the subject and very understanding when it comes to the subject of transgender. But it turned out, that there was a lot I had to learn. I think, most of us do. So even if you feel like you know already everything, apart from the lovely story, it’s super important to read this book.

Transgender is real. It is a very painful and terrible issue. I can’t even imagine how it is, to be stuck in the wrong body your whole life. I hate how they are treated, because they didn’t do anything wrong. As a society, we should support them as well as we support any other person in need.

Please read this book. It’s amazing.




If you’re a bookworm like me, feel free to check out my last book clubs or I’ll see you back with my next post!







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  1. That book seems interesting for me! I’d love to read it but I’m afraid that I’ll have a problem… In Poland we don’t have many books written in English and I think I won’t find this book anywhere 😦 Never mind, I hope I’ll find somewhere another book in English which is also good like this one described by you.

    Love from Poland! ❤

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