How to turn a bad day into a great one!

Hello everyone!

Bad days, we all know them. And well, they’re not exactly fun. Waking up feeling groovy, having zero motivation and head ache. Not so wonderful. And it’s very likely, that we simply accept it as it is, that we make one excuse after the other to be able to stay at home doing nothing, but feeling worse and worse.

I hate these days. I hate being in an awful mood, and I hate the moment when I realize that I literally did nothing today but pitying myself.

BUT! There are ways to have a great time even on bad days! And that’s exactly what I’m going to talk about right now!




Choose to react

Don’t ruin your day, do something with it. Try to make a day worth remembering. If you wake up, not feeling great at all then make a list of things that usually make your day nice. And then hack them off through the day. Just do whatever you feel like. Maybe you want to meet friends, maybe you much prefer to have a nice day on your own. Whatever it is, do it.




Dress up

I know that often we’re not in mood to dress up all nicely when we’re not feeling good. It’s so much easier to stay in pajamas all day. And yes, pajamas are really wonderful and comfortable. But if you dress up nicely, if you put on your favorite pieces, a beautiful outfit, believe me, you’ll feel much more human again! So, get out of that bed and make some effort to look pretty, it’s totally worth it!





Okay, after you are ready for the day and you somehow managed to put a lovely outfit on, it’s time to treat yourself with food. I always need good food on my bad days. Go for whatever you’re craving, whatever makes you feel better because it’s your bad day. No food rules then. However, don’t go too crazy until you’re feeling bad again from food, that’s not exactly out goal, right?





Put on some music, play your good mood playlist and feel that beat. Music has so much power above our feelings. I think a bit of sound is never wrong, and a bit of nice sound is necessary for a bad day!




Work out

Okay… you might think I’m crazy because I’m honestly suggesting to work out if you’re feeling crap. I’m not crazy, at least not because of this suggestion. I realized already many times that a bit of moving makes a huge difference. You feel productive, sporty and happy. And what do we need more on a bad day?




Read your favorite book no matter how often you already read it

I mean that. There’s not much more to add to this point. Just read your fave book and have a cheeky little cup of tea with it. And there you go, you’ll feel better 😊




Reward yourself

After all these points done, your day might’ve come out pretty decent, right? You did something you can be proud of! Yay! And now it’s time to reward yourself. Now you can put your pajamas back on and be as lazy as you wish without feeling guilty! Watch a movie, order pizza, drink a hot chocolate, really whatever your heart desires!




And there you go! You had a great time on a bad day!

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe you can take some advice from it! (even though I hope you won’t need it too often 😉 ) What are your tips to overcome a bad day? Let me know for sure!

I’m out and about,





    1. Yeah music has so much power! And well working out probably isn’t for everyone, but it makes me feel productive and it makes me feel proud of myself! Thanks for reading 😊


  1. These are all excellent ideas– and many of which that I do all the time to make myself feel better. When I lived in NY this year, I would purposely put on some red lipstick, or some interesting outfit, and travel all the way to the starbucks in Manhattan, just to study, or blog– because it felt good.Music– another huge one– that is my medicine. Nothing else.

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