Summer vacation!

Hello everyone!

Yes, indeed. School’s over for the next 6 weeks for me and I’m more than happy about it! Now, I’m not sure how blogging is going to work for me through the next time. I’ll be posting once for sure a week, and maybe a bit more from time to time… we’ll see how it works!

But for now, I’m simply going to enjoy my time and to to my best at blogging (as always). Coming to the actual post, I guess that most people love summer vacation, but in case of unlikely situation that you need to be convinced why summer vacation is a good thing, read this post! And to all the others, summer vacation lovers, well do me little favor and read it anyway and maybe find a few ideas how to spend your time!😊


In summer vacation, you…


…have time to really do what you love

There’s no school pressure, no more work to do. You can simply do what interest you! Always wanted to learn the ukulele? Or start to cook more? Reading? Having a great summer party with all of your friends? Well go for it, you have time and motivation, you couldn’t find a better time!


…can travel far away

I love exploring the world, seeing new cultures, new food new everything. In summer vacation, there is time for travelling. Something I’m highly grateful for!


…can read as many books as you need to

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely even more of a bookworm on holidays. It’s just perfect to just read one book after the other, lying by the pool, reading ‘til late at night because you can… I’m really looking forward to all of that great reading I planned!


…can travel near around

There’s no need to fly hundreds and hundreds of kilometers away. Even if it doesn’t seem so, you will certainly find places near you to have a lovely day out with a friends or family. Just take the opportunity to see more of the place you actually live in!


…get creative

Of course, that needed to be in this post. In school time, I often forget to really sit down and to simply draw, or I don’t have time for or I simply don’t feel like sitting at my desk again. But in summer vacation, I have no excuses. You neither! So, let’s be a bit creative over summer. Let’s try new challenges! Maybe painting, drawing a portrait, sculpturing… Maybe writing fiction, or poems or maybe take out your camera and take some photographs! Whatever your creative heart feels like! But do it 😊


You see? We really need sometimes to have a little time of, to simply do other things than work. To simply relax instead of always stressing, and to do whatever we want to do, to follow our passions and to be creative.

What do you like about summer vacation? And what are your plans? Tell me! I’d love to know!


I’m out and about, (on summer vacation, yay!)




      1. Not as long. At my job my role supports a client that works with children sports events so it’s busy in the summer since that’s when the kids are out of school. I could take time off in August as we don’t have anything going on but my coworkers are planning trips so I will likely need to stay behind to cover for them!

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    1. Thank you so much! I’ll be travelling trough the north of spain with my family! I’m super excited, and maybe (pretty sure actually) there’ll be posts coming about my travel! What about you?

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      1. No problem! I’ve always wanted to go to Spain and I hope you have a brilliant time! I’m hoping to get more traveling done as well – I’m not sure if I’m going abroad but I’ll definitely be traveling round England! Xx

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  1. Great post!!
    Oh, I love summer holidays so much! ❤ I'm happy that they've started. In my country they last from 23rd June to 1st September so I have got a lot of time to do everything that is nice for me, haha 😀
    Happy holidays!

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