June Book Club


Hello my friends!

Yes, I know, I’m late again with my book club and I’m really sorry about it! But it just somehow happened that June is already over and I need to write my June book club in July. On the other side, I doubt that it’s a huge problem for you. (if it is, I’m sorry again). Anyway, I’ll start with my Book Club right now!


Holding up the universe

By Jennifer Niven




About the story…

There’s Libby. Libby Strout.

Three years ago, she was the fattest Teen of America. She needed to be rescued out of her own room, which she couldn’t leave any more. And now she’s going back to High School. After years living alone in her room, only having her dad looking for her, she’s going back to normal life, back to High School.

And there’s Jack. Jack Masselin.

Everyone likes Jack, everyone knows him, he’s charming, cool and has a hot girlfriend. He has everything he needs in life. Except the ability to recognize faces. Jack is face blind, it’s called prosopagnosia. He doesn’t recognize anyone. He can only try to figure out who is who. But he can never know.

And then Jack Masselin and Libby Strout get to meet each other in a very unbeautiful situation. A game called Fat Girl Rodeo. A game that is going to keep meeting each other every day.

And then something unbelievable happens, they realize, that maybe Libby Strout, ex-fattest-Teen-of-America and Jack-Masselin-the-boy-who-is-shitty-to-everyone-because-he-doesn’t-know-anyone have more in common than anyone would have expected.




About the characters…

Libby and Jack are both so likeable. I feel like, every reader likes them. They’re both so impressing. I couldn’t imagine how it’d react to their struggles in life. Both are incredibly inspiring.

I love this book, because they seem to be so non-heroes. But they totally are, more than most other main characters.

I think Libby is a great role model to every girl out there, shouting to world every day: I’m great and you won’t bring me down!

Jack is so kindhearted, but the obvious problem that everyone is a stranger to him makes him seem a shitty person. He doesn’t know how to talk about that problem, the situation at home is worse enough. Actually, he’s too selfless, that selfless that he makes things worse.

What I like about these characters, is, how raw and honest they are. Both relatable, both vulnerable, yet strong.




About the writing…

I like Jennifer Nivens writing style because it’s very near to actual thoughts. You feel like you understand the character almost better than itself. She brings the reader into a very close relationship to the happenings and the characters. There’s no huge plot or crazy twists in the story line, but she doesn’t need that to keep the reader reading, which I really admire!




I think Holding Up the Universe is a great book.  I take a lot from it with me. Jennifer Niven is teaching us very important life lessons through the story, that you take in without even first realizing. And it’s simply a very nice read too. Because after all, it’s a teenage romance, and who doesn’t like a bit of romance?

People, I tell ya, go and read this book! 😉


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  1. I read Holding Up the Universe a few months ago and it remains one of my favourites to date. The book was so touching and inspirational- super happy that you loved it too! xx

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