My Summer Dress


Hello everyone!
I’m finally back with a new outfit post! Yay! And since it’s summer for quite a while now, I thought it was about time to post a cheeky little summer outfit! Let’s go 😊

Also, as always, my items are probably not in stores anymore which I’m really sorry about. But I simply like to wear older items and you can still use it as some kind of inspiration for your shopping trip!


I’m wearing:

My baby blue summer dress – from Zara

My (freaking awesome) silver shoes – from Tamaris

My glasses – from Fielmann

My small bag – from Vera Pelle

My lipstick in the shade Rose Bud – from Wetnwild





The dress

I love this dress so much, because it makes me feel super girly in the best way! I love how wide and loose it is, that really makes it perfect for summer I would wear this outfit casually too, as well as for a summer party! It’s easy to style and you look instantly totally fashionista-like! What do you think?








The shoes

So, I feel in love with these shoes at first sight. I know there a bit more out there, but probably that’s why I love them so much. I mean honestly, how can your outfit be boring with these shoes?! Right, it can’t. And I figured that they fit this pale blue very elegantly!







The bag

I talked about this bag earlier on my blog, here, and I think it’s simply great. It’s small, but everything that you really need (I said really need) fits in perfectly. Especially in summer, a heavy big bag isn’t what you want to carry around. For me it’s a clear summer-must-have!






The details

Now coming to the details, I got these new glasses and I loovee them. I feel like every outfit has so much more personality with these glasses, plus they weigh practically nothing, so it doesn’t feel like wearing glasses. I’m definitely very happy to have them, in my eyes the complete the outfit.

The lipstick is my currant fave, I love how colorful and vibrant it is. (You find me talking a bit more about it here). It has a summer vibe to it, that’s why I reach for it as often. And in this case, I felt like it’s a nice contrast to the rather pale blue of the dress.







And that’s my summer outfit! What do you think of it? And what do you like to wear in summer? Make sure to tell me! πŸ˜‰





Here’s a bit more fashion rambling:


Snapshots of an almost-spring outfit

3 T-shirts and a pair of jeans

Snapshots of a spring outfit

Love your outfit all day, every day!

My work out gear

Use your closet to the fullest!


I’m out and about,




  1. That dress is super pretty! And wow those shoes! I never have the confidence to wear shoes that are bright and colourful but maybe I’ll branch out to something as snazzy as those one day!

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