Confessions of a coffee addict


The Art of not doing at all


Hello everyone!

You might already know, that I like to be busy. Sounds a bit crazy, I know, but I simply like the feeling to be productive. Not stressed, I hate that (who doesn’t?). But I do like being a bit busy. Simply sometimes, it’s a good idea actually to not do anything at all.

We’re on the move everywhere and always. We’re always occupied with something. Be that the internet, chats, reading, listening, watching… you get it. We can’t just do nothing. Nothing but breathing and thinking. That’s why I come up with this new post series, that I like to call Confessions of a coffee addict.




Why I came up with this, well, a bit strange name? Because what better time is there to be totally honest with yourself and to take some time with yourself than with a hot cup of coffee?

Just to clarify first, I won’t (only) speak about my love for coffee here. No, this format is going to be where I share my thoughts, my honest confessions, whilst having a cup of coffee. And you are basically welcome to join me with your own cup of coffee!




That’s what I mean with the art of not doing anything at all. With my Confessions of a coffee addict, I want to take time to not do anything but taking time for myself and my mind, even in busy times.

Take your time to spend time with yourself, your own thoughts, your way of thinking. Trust me, you will learn a lot about yourself. It is your time to reflect on your daily life, to question yourself and to find out what you actually want.




I know this sounds scary and maybe weird. But there’s no reason. I don’t want you to criticize everything you’re doing, I just think it’s good to make sure from time to time to that your still on the right way.

Some of you might call that meditation. Meditation is certainly a way to do it. I personally don’t know that much about it, and I haven’t ever really tried it. (I could though, I bet it’s interesting). But I think it’s enough to go for a walk, or not even that, to just lay in your bed and to properly think whilst staring at the ceiling.

Sounds boring? Well only if you let it be. If it’s boring, then only because you think it has to be, because you’re not used to it. As I said, in this time, we find barely a time where we’re alone. I mean really alone. Without something to occupy us. But I want to change that.




I think the point of this post, is one on hand, to introduce to my Confessions of a coffee addict series where I want to talk about subjects and themes which I thought about a lot recently (you’ re more than welcome to suggest subjects, that you want to discuss!), but most importantly I want to say, that we need to think before making up an opinion.

Too often we judge too fast, we response too fast, without actually overthinking it. I will ask you to properly think about my Confessions of a coffee addict posts. Take your time to find out if you agree with me or not. Find out for which opinion you can really stand up to.




Because, I believe, that’s what we need to do. Not only for a simple post on this blog. But for important decisions, for elections, for crossways in our life. Take your time to not do anything but thinking!

What are you thinking right now? I always love to share my thoughts with you, and even more to hear your response. I’d love to hear your comments to this post!




I’m out and about,





    1. That’s true. But if I’m busy, I haven’t got time to hang around lazily and that equals being more productive or at least using my time well for me! I guess everyone’s different when it comes to that😊

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  1. I love the post. I usually go to coffee shop near my house on Saturday morning around 8ish. That is really when I gather my thoughts and do thinkings. Best part is staring at cars that are hurridly passing by

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