Why it’s totally alright (even necessary) to be a foodie


Hello everyone!

And welcome back to my blog where I will today, speak to all those foodies out there. I am for a sure one. I love cooking, making my meals look nice and if it’s tasty (what it mostly is) then… well I adore eating.

And you know what, I actually think, that deep inside, we all are foodies. Aren’t we? We need to eat. And who doesn’t like good food?!

But to my every day astonishment, there are people, who actually can forget (?!) to eat. I mean whaat? Eating is definitely one of the most exciting parts of my day, whilst school the most exciting part of the day.

I was already at the point, where I was thinking: “Oh Elena, somehow it is weird that you put food in such a high place in your life…”

But is it really?

I mean we all need to eat. That’s kinda obvious. And so, how can it be wrong to put a lot of attention and time and passion into this “duty” of our life? We need to feed our bodies with good food. Healthy food. Still, I am convinced, that a bit of treats is just as important, since we need to feed our minds too.

And all the foodies out there will know what I mean.

Good food = good mood

No food = bad mood, and after a while… well don’t want to exaggerate, but well = death

It’s as simple as that.

So, theoretically, if there were no foodies, who do all necessary to put some good food, or at least any food, on the table. All the others who were somehow born to not care enough about their hunger, wouldn’t be here for long. We foodies, we’re here to feed the world, at least after feeding ourselves.

That’s why, it’s a good thing, yes, even necessary, to be a foodie! And if you are, well then I give a virtual hug and if you aren’t, then maybe reconsider your priorities, but I still give you a virtual hug!


I’m out and about,




  1. You know what, this is so true! Nothing annoys me more than people being so obsessed about what they eat because they’re obsessed with trying to be healthy. In my mind it’s better to eat “normally” than be obsessed about whether what you’re eating is good or bad for you.

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  2. I’m only a foodie in the sense that I like EATING. I dislike cooking but I do appreciate what goes into it. My boyfriend, on the other hand, LOVES cooking and planning meals. But we’re not food snobs and I’m game to try pretty much anything! I agree though, that we don’t eat merely to survive, but to feed other needs other than hunger.

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