Finding the perfect words

Hey everyone!

Today’s blogpost is a bit different than usual, but I thought it would be fun to write about something different than my lifestyle related posts.

I think that if you enjoy writing, you’ll know the struggle to not be a hundred percent content with the words you choose. Sometimes the words just come directly into your mind and it is totally clear how to write that expression, this sentence and you know exactly what title you should choose. But sometimes you just stick to one certain phrase that just won’t sound good, no matter what you’re trying, it doesn’t fit. I think that is a big part of my love for writing. It’s the challenge to find the matching words, the melody of your text, to reread your phrases a hundred times until you’re all round happy with it.

It’s such a nice feeling to work at a text, to think of different writing styles, different ways to say, what you have to say. If you struggle, there’s nothing better than to finally find the right word. And if you’re in a flow and the words are just practically falling into your lap, you’re so pleased that you could dance around like a little child at Christmas (or actually like everyone at Christmas, let’s be honest!).

Don’t you think that finding the perfect words is just the best thing ever? What do you do if you’re struggling? I’m mostly just taking a break. Sometimes I read a book or I’m looking at my favorite blogs to get some inspiration or I just leave the empire of the words behind me for a certain time. I think it’s important to sometimes have a timeout to refresh your thoughts, isn’t it? What do you think about finding the perfect words? Let me know!

I’m out and about,





  1. I often ramble in my posts. I just type and see what happens. But when it comes to rereading, I get what you mean. I have to stop and think and change things around. But sometimes, the perfect words just come out and I feel so inspired. It’s nice when that happens 🙂

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  2. Usually it takes me a few days to write a post because I have on and off times for when it’s best for me to write. It’s just about finding that optimal time for me!! 🙂

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  3. The mind is a really funny thing. Sometimes it just doesn’t want to connect with your body, or your hand in this case. I find, it’s best to go outside and get some fresh air. Relax. Inspiration can come from anywhere, even when you’re out with your friends!

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