Confessions of a coffee addict – The influence of our society


Hello everyone!

Hello and welcome back to Confessions of a coffee addict! Do you guys all have your cup of fresh coffee with you? Yes? Well then let’s just dive right in!

So, you’ve seen the subject I chose for this episode. And I chose it, because I find this whole aspect very interesting. When does our own opinion start, when is the one we learnt?

Honestly, I’m not sure if I could say.

I mean, of course, I would love to say, that I’m completely genuinely meaning everything I say from my very own point of view. But being realistic, I don’t believe it’s true.

We’re all getting influenced by pretty much everything around us. The people we talk to, the news we hear, the environment we’re living in. And that’s totally normal, even inevitable, but how far does the pressure of a group, the society we’re surrounded by reach to our apparent personal opinion.

Probably much more than we want. And probably we can never shake that influence off for good.

The thing is, you already notice it, if someone has a similar, yet not completely the same opinion as you. I can speak only for myself, but I already notice then, that I view things differently only after speaking a few minutes with that person.

Now, does that mean we shouldn’t speak with anyone else about our thoughts, just because they could change our opinion?

Not at all!

Listening to other’s is super important. Getting different views on one subject will make your own view a lot wider and more personal.

Being confronted with so many different opinions is more challenging. It’s more difficult to sit quiet and listen to someone with the opposite thoughts than you. Still, I believe, that that’s the key to build a personal, truly personal opinion.

If you took a look on each point of view and more importantly also tried to understand them, then only you will know what you say to it. What is important, and the trickiest part, is to be fair with every argument and to consider each side. Do not judge immediately, listen first.

Coming to the end what I want to say, is, try to be detached from other’s concerns, find out who’s convinced you most and if you totally agree with someone or not at all.  And then you can say a lot more confident than others could, that you have built your opinion.

Now! It’s your time to try just that! What do you think? Do you agree with me? Are honest opinions impossible or not?

It’s your time to build an opinion!

Feel free to share it, we will not judge anyone for their point of views on this blog. I would love to hear yours!

I’m out and about,




  1. Yeah, I completely agree with this post. Sometimes even when you’re in mid-discussion with people on a specific topic, as you sit and listen and quietly nod on the side you feel yourself starting to come up with things to add and like you said you form your own opinion. I think when we first hear a topic, we do think or feel an emotion towards that topic because you either want to talk about it or you don’t but whether you want to talk about it or not it regardless because people’s true opinion of the matter will develop only from hearing other people’s point of view…Not sure if any of that made sense 😂. This a great post, good read! 👌

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  2. Hello there! Just wanted to say how much i’ve been loving your blog recently and how much i appreciate all your support of mine.

    I’ve nominated you for the leibster award over on my blog because you are seriously killing it and the world needs to know haha.

    You can find all the details over on my latest post, but keep slaying gorg!


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