San Sebastián

Hello everyone!

I’m back from vacation! I should be sad, and I am a little, but to be honest I was very excited to come back and to work a bit on my blog. I didn’t take my laptop with me, so I couldn’t do more than to response to all of your lovely birthday wishes through my phone (a BIG THANK YOU to all of you!). And I apologize for my lack of post the last five days or so. But now I’m BACK! And I’m back indeed with the first part of my vacation pics and adventures I want to share with you. 😊

As some of you might already know, I was in the Basque country for about ten days. We (my family and I) travelled a little around there. Our first stop was San Sebastián. Looking back on the whole trip, I must say, it was definitely one of my favorite places we visited.

Here are a few impressions that I took with my trusty camera!





Sadly, the sun wasn’t as trusty, so my photos haven’t got the best lightning… I guess, I couldn’t really change that, right? Anyway, San Sebastián was a beautiful city with loads of boutiques and restaurants. The ambiance was easy, light and cheerful. I felt very welcomed there.






A big thing in the Basque country (and other parts of Spain) were the pintxos. Before eating dinner (pretty late at 9 to 10 pm), you go in a bar to eat a sort of bigger aperitif or so. I thought it looked rather impressive, don’t you think?






We walked up the hill to the statue, which was a nice promenade. There was a little museum and of course the view was beautiful.






Now, the beach was incredible. I loved it, even though it wasn’t the perfect beachy weather. Honestly, I’d love to live near the ocean. (Switzerland isn’t exactly the best country for that wish).






In the Basque country, they love bakery as much as I do, which made me very happy. We had to stop for a little cheeky afternoon coffee and lemon tarte. Not hard to figure out why…







Our visit in San Sebastián was over too soon, but I enjoyed every minute of it! If you have the chance to visit it some time, trust me I will envy you! I surely want to come back once for a longer time! 😊






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