Hiking in the Swiss Alpes


Hello everyone!

If you follow me on Instagram, you might know that I spent a few days hiking in the Alpes with my family! I really like hiking, especially with my family. It was really nice and the views were stunning, even though the weather wasn’t always on the bright side.

I thought I could share a few more photos, even if I feel like I overload you with photos lately! And I’m not even done yet with all of my vacation posts! Anyway, I feel like I have a few beautiful shots that are worth it to be shown on my blog. 😊




That was it for today, I hope you enjoyed it! Isn’t this post just a proof that nature is simply beautiful? Our world is so full of beautiful places! Many of which I still want to discover!!!


Still haven’t seen enough of my camera futtage? Check out these posts for more! 😉 :


San Sebastián

The sun’s out!

South of France

Glimpses of sun


I’m out and about,



      1. The first days were a bit gloom and rainy, so we had to shorten our hikes, but I didn’t really mind, I had more time to read! But afterwards the sky cleared up and we could do more outside, which was even better!

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      2. Yes! I love reading as well! It must be nice to take a book and soak up on your favourite stories while looking at all that scenery! That’s great! Xx

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  1. My grandfather always said that Switzerland was the most strikingly beautiful place he ever traveled to and that I had to go there one day! Though I have yet to make it, thanks for the reminder of such a special thing! These photos are stunning! x

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