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Hello everyone!

Welcome back to thoughtful post with elena. (Yippie yippie yay!)

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But for now, you know how this works. Grab yourself a coffee, read, think and then share your opinion!

You read the title, so I will skip a long introduction. This post is about eating habits, more precisely about a question that I am asking myself a lot lately.

Why do we speak so incredibly often about eating habits?

Honestly, I don’t see the point.




Okay, let’s start with agreeing that any kind of special eating habit is due to the fact that we live life in luxe. Some might say this is a bit exaggerated to say, but I don’t think so. We live in times where so so much food is around, we don’t even know what real hunger is anymore. (which is great of course) And only that position allows us to make special wishes in terms of eating.

Now, after that, I think we should all eat the way we want to. We are all different and every single person reacts differently to the food we eat. I admire everyone who found the best way to nourish him or herself.




Yet, I don’t understand how the subject eating and how to eat became such a huge thing. It became a hype.

Eating is of course important. And it’s important to eat healthy and balanced. Otherwise our general health is in danger rather quickly.

But how does it come that so many people have the urge to promote their special and oh so wonderful way to be healthy.

I don’t like it, if people act as if they were nourishing themselves perfectly and living this Instagram-worthy life. And I’m not having anything against people who do live their life like that, but I think it’s wrong to promote it as if it was the only right way.

Because it’s not.




With all the social media, a lot of young kids feel the pressure to imitate their idols. Which can be fine or not.

Because, I think, for example eating vegan is a good thing. But not if you’re eight years old and you don’t get enough protein because your body doesn’t work like the model’s body you see on Instagram.

Working out in the gym every day is a good thing too. But not if you’re twelve and you damage your muscles and bones instead of getting stronger.

I think you understand what I mean.




My conclusion of this post, is, that it’s awesome if someone finds the right way of eating for his or her body. But everybody needs to figure that out for themselves. And I think most people who promote a certain lifestyle and eating habit (luckily not all of them) forget that it is a very personal and individual thing they’re talking about. I say, figure out yourself what works for you and what makes you feel good, mentally and physically. Because nobody will know better what that is than you!




What do you think about it? Do you agree or disagree with my point of view? Please, speak your mind!

Is your cup empty already? Or is there a bit more left for another post? Check my last Confessions, right here, if you fancy!

I’m out and about,





  1. I completely agree with you, we are literally bombarded with people life choices in eating. We all know what works the best for us. I don’t really understand the latest trend that milk is bad for our health. If it is why all babies drink milk first year of their life. Simply because it contains everything your body needs, simple as that. xx

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    1. I’m sorry to be the hater here and nitpick every single word people say but COW’s milk actually is bad for you. There have been studies on that. Yes, human babies do drink milk – human milk, just as calves drink cow’s milk. I’m just trying to get the facts right, please don’t hate me. 😀
      Great post, Elena, btw., I agree with you. 🙂

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      1. I like your point, I haven’t thought of it that way yet! And I guess both if you are right in some way, for one, drinking milk is a natural thing to do (I feel like that’s what Azra was saying). But I’m not sure if cow milk is really BAD for you… I never noticed bad reactions from it and it’s contains a lot of calcium which is good for our bones if I’m not mistaken. But as I said, everybody’s different! Thanks for reading you two!

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      2. I have been testing cows milk in lab many times by now and never had any problems with it, it has so much more minerals and vitamins than popular alternatives. But again we all know what works for us, I personally would never give it up, because I think it makes me healthy and gives my body all the good things. And don’t apologize we are just sharing opinion here :). xx

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  2. Great point! Something people have to consider is our body types are often different from each other, and if you’re eating a certain way to attain for example a certain figure or shape, it may never work because you have your own body type, not someone else’s.

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  3. Yes I agree. Like for instance, it’s great that people are now gaining more awareness about animal cruelty etc.. but at the same time I feel a lot of people are turning vegetarians for the ‘trend’ rather than the actual motive behind it. As you rightly said, everyone is different – and what works for one person, might not work for another

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  4. I completely agree! This made me think about how everybody is different. Our bodies react differently when it comes to.. everything! For example, my friend can eat lots of sweets without getting breakouts or gaining weight and I don´t blame her. Although I need to take care of myself a lot and be healthy to keep my skin clear and body healthy. What might be good for you, can cause problems to somebody else. We know ourselves the best so we should be the ones to decide what makes us feel the best. All in all, the post itself has a good message and is well written. All the best, Elena! 🙂

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  5. I totally agree with you! I’ve become more self-conscious about what I eat because of all these healthy trends. In a way, it has been beneficial for my body because I have stopped eating fast food every time I was out (since I was drinking a lot of water, I wasn’t gaining too much weight but it didn’t look good on my skin and I gained a lot of cellulite). But in another way, I always feel guilty even when I’m not eating much (ok, I’m always eating so it rarely happens ahah but still) and I’m always trying to lose weight even though I’m often told that I don’t need to.

    Deborah X

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    1. I think it’s just diificult, to really know what is right for us and what we’re told is right. I mean of course eating healthy is generally good, but what healthy means exactly is different for everyone as well… So, I guess we just have to do what feels best!

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