Traveling through the North of Spain


Hello everyone!

Recently I already shared my vacation pictures of San Sebastián with you guys, but there’s still more. San Sebastián was our first stop, which I really loved, but afterwards we travelled around and saw different smaller cities, villages and beautiful landscapes ‘til we landed in Bilbao. Now let’s start the trip once again!



After San Sebastián we stayed two nights in a lovely bed and breakfast in a village in Rioja, which is a more rural region known for its many wine growers. It was very beautiful there. Long fields with grapevines, old charming villages and nice people!





Burgos was a bigger city, which I liked very much. Known for its cathedral which is part of the pilgrimage of Santiago de Compostela, the city was quite vivid, full of restaurants and shops. The cathedral was really impressive, but the atmosphere in Burgos is definitely what made our stay so nice!





On our way to our next stop, we shortly visited the city Santander and we were happy that we did so. It was a rather big city, with many various beautiful places and buildings. There was also a building from Renzo Piano, which was pretty cool.





Before going to Bilbao, we wanted a few days to relax and so we spent four days in a beautiful hotel in a very small village by the sea called Andrin. I loved how we could walk to the beach even before breakfast (which was wonderful by the way!) Nearby was also a small town called Llanes where we could go for dinner on my birthday. All in all, it was the perfect place to stay several days.





Our final stop before flying home was Bilbao. Bilbao was awesome. It had a very modern vibe, beautiful buildings and great restaurants. It felt like pretty cool city and welcomed us to explore it! I already talked about the Guggenheim Museum, which was definitely a highlight. But I also loved to simply stroll through the city, saying good bye to our trip!




The next morning, we then had to drive to our airplane, a bit sad to leave the country but definitely very happy with the time we spent there!

I hope you enjoyed this post and the photos! Let me know what you did in your summer vacation, I would love to hear about it!

I’m out and about,



  1. These photos are unreal! The gothic church and the views of the beach are gorgeous. One thing I definitely wish I did was take a trip to Bilbao to visit the Guggenheim there – I’ve always head wonderful things about the gallery and the architecture itself is such a work of art.

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  2. Northern Spain is so beautiful, isn’t it? I really enjoyed this post, it is great seeing some lesser known cities and towns getting love.
    Thanks for posting! Loved all your photos.


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