My top 5 Secondhand Pieces


Hello everyone!

It feels like it’s been ages I last really talked to you guys, but you probably don’t feel like that at all, since I scheduled posts for the past few days. But, I’ve been really busy and had almost no time to catch up with the blogging world (which is always full of things to do). We had friends visiting us, which we hadn’t seen in ages, and it was just sooo nice to see them and to spent as much time as possible with them as I could.

But now I’m back on track, and today I’ll be sharing my top 5 favorite secondhand pieces I own! So, I would say that my style has changed a bit over the past year. I discovered the secondhand and thrift store shopping for me and I love to mix unique secondhand pieces with the more common pieces for my everyday outfits.

I love secondhand shopping so much, because you really get unique stuff, that almost no one will own except you. You can put much more personality in your outfits, at least that’s what I think.


Summer dress – Fizzen

Now let’s start with the first piece, which is just perfect for summer! It’s the lightest dress you will find, super cute and my go to outfit for very hot days.




White Jacket – from my Mom

So, now this Jacket is my absolute favorite jacket for warm summer evenings, spring mornings and etc. It makes an outfit casually elegant  with all its beautiful details and I just fell in love with it the first moment I saw it. And I have to say thanks to my Mom, who was so kind to give it to me since she doesn’t wear anymore. So, I guess it’s first hand secondhand!




Jeans skirt – Fizzen

I wanted a jeans skirt for quite a while, and when I spotted this one, I really liked it. I’m in love with the buttons and the texture. It was definitely a great staple purchase. I mean, everyone needs a nice jeans skirt, right?




Sleeveless Blouse – from my Mom

I wasn’t too sure about this, when my Mom gave it to me. But after wearing it the first time, it belonged to one of my favorite pieces. It fits to pretty much every trousers you will find and makes an outfit very special and a bit vintage, which I really like!




Checked shorts – from my Mom

Again, my mother figured this could fit me and my style and she was so right! This is a very high waisted short which is amazing, since I love high waisted stuff. I wore it just a few days ago in summer, as well as I like to wear in fall with tights. I think it looks pretty classy and cool at the same time!




That was it! As you might have noticed, everything was either from the same shop or from my lovely Mom, so there are still so many secondhand shops to discover!

What do you guys prefer? Secondhand or not so much? Let me know!

I’m out and about,







  1. Your mom has an excellent sense of style! Everything you photographed is so classy and of good quality– you can tell by the texture of those photographs. I love second hand stuff– especially things passed down to me by my mom. They always make your outfit stand out as they are never what the current trends are. xx

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  2. They’re so pretty and cute ❤ I love them all. I’ve been planning to buy some high-waisted stuff for the summer, but then I realised it’s England and there’s no point. The temperature hasn’t gone above 20 yet, and it rains every single day. But anyway, wonderful post, Elena! Xx

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  3. Lovely clothes! The dress and the shorts are the best 😍
    In Poland we have got lots of second-hand shops with the stuff from English-speaking countries, especially from the UK. I love buying clothes there 😅 I go there at least once a week and I always find beautiful clothes in really low price! Lots of people has got disgust of second-hand shops but I think it isn’t right…
    In fact I thought that there aren’t any shops like that in England!
    If you have more clothes from second-hand, please do the next post! This one was great (as always)! 😊
    Good night!

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    1. Aw thank you so much! I actually son’t live in the UK, so I can’ t speak from experience, but my friends once told me that the secondhand shop was invented there… I guess there are a lot of secondhand shops then. But in Switzerland, where I live, it’s a bit harder to find those shops. Still I’m looking forward to a next secondhand shop post, thanks as always for reading, Ann!!


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