A Perfect Every Day Rucksack


Hello everyone!

I hope you’re good and I hope you’re ready for school…. Where I live school started yesterday. (except for me, because I’m off to Canada so I’m fine 😉 )

Anyways, I got a new school bag, because I will be going to school in Canada as well. My last one was really bad quality and broke mid through the year, but I was too lazy to buy a new one so I used it for the rest of the year as well. For the next school year, though I really wanted to get a new one, which is a real challenge because, let me tell ya, finding a rucksack of good quality, good size and which is pretty as well…. That’s a challenge, it really is.

But I found one! I mean, obviously… otherwise I wouldn’t write this post about it, right? But I found such a nice one, that I thought it’s worth showing it to all my readers, in case one of you is still on the hunt for the perfect rucksack as well. Check it out!




My Rucksack is from Fjall Raven, which is really good and successful brand. Their so called Kanken series was so popular, that at least where I live you can’t go on the streets anymore without seeing at least three of them.

That’s why I didn’t want the same as everybody has. But I found this other type of rucksack, which I find even more convenient for school!




I really like the color. I must admit, I first wanted a simpler color, something less colorful, like brown or something. And I wasn’t too sure about the blue. But then I thought, I’m gonna wear this rucksack the whole year round, isn’t a nice blue color so much happier? And it’s still a blue that fits to my clothes and style, so I’m happy I chose it.

What also convinced me, was the many small pocket inside of the rucksack. I need them. One for a laptop, another one for my glasses, pens and so on.




Really, overall, I find this rucksack pretty perfect for me! So, what do you think? Did you know the brand already? Let me know!

I’m out and about,





  1. This is a really nice bag! I’ve actually been looking at this brand recently to buy a bag for university but I haven’t decided which one to go for yet. Didn’t know this particular style existed so will definitely have to look out for it now! 🙂

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      1. I was actually looking for grey ones, when I stumbled upon this one. But I’m quite pleased right now that it’s blue, as well as I would be probably pleased with a grey one as well. At the end, we just all need a pretty rucksack, no matter which color!

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  2. I’m all about a solid backpack – I rarely ever carry a purse and a backpack is so much more practical, but I completely agree, finding a great backpack is a total time and energy investment

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  3. Yeah, this rucksack is really great! The colour is very good – it’s universal and it isn’t “strong” 😊 My school is starting on the 1st of September 😒 For now I haven’t bought a new rucksack. I want to have a Vans one. I’ve focused on notebooks with beautiful covers recently 😅

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    1. Finding beautiful notebooks is too easy, right? Especially if you absolutely don’t need them! But I’m sure you’ll find your perfect rucksack until then! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


      1. Yeah, I always buy more notebooks than I need, haha! Today I found two with interesting covers in the shop and I had to buy them cause they were too lovely! 😀

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