Recently I liked 005


Hello everyone!

I’m back with another shorter post. You might have noticed that this August it’s all about short but fun little posts on outnabout. I hope you enjoy this month’s post so far!

Today I’ll give you a quick update about… (surprise, surprise! )… what I liked recently! Here we go:


Listening to…


Etta James (you need to check this song out so badly!)

The Sheroic podcast

At home with… podcast





Liza Koshy (she’s so funny, I really love her!)

More Marcus Butler

The James Bond movies





Oversize cropped T-shirts


My secondhand flower dress





The circle

Looking for Alaska

Absolutely Olivia (She’s absolutely smashing it on her blog right now! Especially this post was so important and brave! Well done, Olivia!<3 )




Cappuccino (which is to be fair my all-time fave drink)

Bitter lemon

Emptying my snack bar 😉


And that was it! As always, please let me know what you’ve been enjoying lately and I’ll see ya then in my next post on Wednesday! ❤

I’m out and about,




      1. Aw thank you so much! This means a lot to me!! The only thing is, I’ve stopped taking part in those kinds of awards a while ago…would it be a problem for you if I didn’t do it? But still thank you so much!!❤️

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    1. I really wanted to read it, but then I accidentally saw the movie first (yes I actually watched a movie without realizing that it was that book) ( but probably because the title if the movie was german…) (still pretty stupid) Anyway, would you say it’s still worth reading even after I watched the movie?

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      1. Hmmm see the movie was spoiled for me because I knew the ending. I think it’s a bit like tfios which I’m assuming you have read, the book is good but it’s never the same once u know the ending.

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