A Fall Outfit


Hello everyone!

Welcome to my 100th post on OUT N’ ABOUT! I can’t believe that this is actually the 100th time I pressed “Publish”. It makes me very proud to see all the work I’ve accomplished so far here and I’m simply excited for every further post to come!

Now, let’s get onto my fall outfit, shall we? This outfit is simple, casual, but the accessories add a little chique-ness to it! But I let you make your own opinion first. 😊




I’m wearing


Jeans – from H&M

Slogan T-Shirt – from American Eagle

Forest Green Sweater – from Aéropostale

My Very Trusty Black Glitter Shoes – from Globe Trotter


My Accessories


Earrings – from American Eagle

Lipstick – from Kollections

Nail polish – from Essence

Glasses – from Fielmann






The sweater was definitely love at first sight! It’s super soft, not too warm, but not too thin either and the dark green works very well with lots of outfits and styles. But my favorite way to wear it, is denim for sure!






The earrings are more out there, than what I would usually wear. When I saw them, I had this kinda “I really, really hope that I’m going to wear you as much as you deserve” feeling. They’re quite big and not for every day, but I still love them and I was thrilled to at least wearing them that day and can’t wait for the next time. They look pretty cool, don’t you think?






I always like a good slogan T-Shirt, so buying this one, wasn’t a hard decision. I then picked up a lipstick in the same shade and together with the jeans and the earrings, it works out quite well. All in all, I like the simplicity of this outfit, but it’s still not a boring one. I feel like, this outfit is actually a really good representation of my every day style!




And that was it! My 100th post. I still can’t believe it and I hope you all enjoyed it! Let me know what you think of the outfit and of this very important milestone of OUT N’ ABOUT!

I’m out and about,




  1. A 100 posts is definitely something to be proud about, it shows a ton of hard work and dedication. ❤Also these outfits are casually so cute! That deep green sweater looks so comfy! And you rocking those earrings Elena 🙂 xxx

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  2. That is super exciting that you hit 100 published!!! It really is a great feeling when you hit that button and then people respond. I absolutely LOVE every part of it!!!! Keep up the great work! How long did you work on this before getting to 100? I will continue looking forward to reading your work!! Thank you for all of your posts!

    Liked by 1 person

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