Sometimes… you just need a little advice

Hello everyone,

and welcome back to my blog. I haven’t been writing these past couple days, because I’ve had a lot on my mind.

Being an exchange student can be challenging sometimes, especially when you’re gone for so long from home. It is challenging and all you can do, is face it. It’s part of the exchange year, and I mean, it was me who didn’t choose the easy way. I wanted to go to Canada and have an awesome time, so I will be having an awesome time.

Just sometimes, you need to overcome a more difficult time, to get to that awesomeness. And in those cases, if you feel like you might want a little bit of advice, ask for it.

This counts for everyone and everything. I came across this, now, on my exchange year. But I’m sure, every one of us comes once to a point where it’s good to be able to ask for a little help, a bit of advice, a push back in the right direction.

Well, I had just that. I asked for it and all I want to tell you, is, if you need it, ask for it too. Don’t be afraid of it. Please don’t be afraid to ask for help.

There’s a reason we have family and friends. They’re here to make you happy, to have a great time with you, but eventually, they’re here to have your back, if you need them. I am incredibly lucky, that in my case, I  can really count on them. Just a little  bit of advice, a talk, a different perspective, made all the difference for me.

So, the reason I am even telling you all this, is, that yes, I could’ve  said nothing and struggled with it by myself and at some point I would’ve found a solution too. (I think)

But by asking for a little bit of support, it was a lot easier for and I’m glad it went like that. I mean even here in Canada, I’m not alone and I don’t have to be. I can ask whoever I want for help, if I need it, and so do you.

Im out and about,








  1. I love this so much! And it’s true! Sometimes you just need a bit of advice! I hope your exchange year is going great! xxxx And by the way can I just say you’re SO close to​ 1000 followers?! It’s crazy!!!!!! Can’t wait for you to make it!!!!!! xxxx

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  2. Well said, too often we feel the need to do and fix everything on our own although being self-sufficient is great there comes a time when we could use an ear from time to time even if only vent. It is safer that way than keeping it all bottled up inside. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. No problem 🙂 I think, too many people consider needing for help as something bad or weak. But really, it is normal to sometimes need help or advice, so we shouldn’t hesitate to ask for it! Thank you for reading!


  3. This is so true! I feel like a lot of times people hold things in because they are afraid of what others may think. But we just can’t care!! Anyone who isn’t supportive or helpful to you when in need than they deserve the boot anyway! Xoxo

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