I am so ready for December!


Hello everyone!

Wow, I am so happy to write this post right now! Since I started writing monthly wrap ups, I am always looking forward to these. I have lots to tell and lots of excitement and Christmas spirit to share with you guys!

How was your November guys? Mine was awesome. I feel totally grounded now in Canada. I found a few great friends that I look forward to seeing every day, I feel home in my host family and I am really happy to be in Canada right now! It took me a good three months to feel this way, but now I can say, that I feel safe here. And that feels so good.

I kept myself quite busy in November, since I joined the Drama Club and the Swim Team in my school, which is both a lot of fun! It allowed me to make better friends and to feel part of the school more than ever before.  I’m not even going to deny that it has definitely affected my blog. And since I feel like it’s not exactly getting less busy in December, I don’t wan to make too many promises, but I’ll give my best, believe me!

Looking back, I learned a lot in this November. A lot about making friends, finding what feels right, building trust and worrying less. It really was a good month.


Here is a picture from the first snow! It was so pretty!


December already? I cannot believe it. I’m soo excited! The Canadians go definitely a lot crazier with Christmas decoration and lighting, which I love. I take all the Christmas I can get!! I look forward to the baking, the soundtrack, the happy feeling in the air, candy cane, hot chocolate, skating, … the list goes on and on. And I’ll try to bring you guys along as much as I can.

Let’s rock this Christmas time, this December, ‘tis the jolly season!

(also can I just mention, that it snows on my blog?! How cool! Check it out guys, don’t read it on the WordPress Reader! 🙂 )

The last couple months I wrote down goals for myself, but I feel like I will take December as it comes and try not to worry too much. I basically just want to enjoy every second of it. It’s for sure going to be very weird, a little difficult from time to time, to be so far from my family, but all the Christmas fun will have to make up for that 😉

So people, I could go on and on, but at some point I need to stop. And I feel like I said enough on this this wonderful 1. December. Enjoy it! Enjoy the whole month, it’s a beautiful time! Let me know what your plans are! I wanna hear all about it!

I’m out and about (singing Christmas carols out loud 😉 )





  1. Sounds like a positive December, and a great mind-set to go into the new month with – I wish I could be even half as positive and excited about it as you, I really should take a leaf out of your book and try to get into the spirit of it more! 🙂
    Caz x

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